GOLD PIPS KILLER | Telegram SCAM channel | @Faizkhosa


Text book SCAM channel; your account will exist ONE MORE DAY and this is how they work:

The Account Management Services make publicity with the usual High Accuracy, Senior Analyst, 95% Accuracy Rate and 50-50 Profit Share. They operate from Pakistan. They have hidden their telegram address. The admin @Faizkhosa also operates under the name Faiz Ali.

Once you hand over your account, a blindfolded dude in front of the gold chart instantly clicks BUY or SELL. As he dreams of big profits, he chooses a huge lot. Because we've all been there too, we see how hours later the charts go against you. Then, the dude which is supposed to master the pilars of his publicity adds to his loosing position ! From here it goes downhill twice so fast, and soon he has to take 60% dd into the account balance.

Phase two. With 40% of the equity left he takes even more risks. He is purely lucky this time, triples the 40% balance and books some profits. Instantly he stops all his trading actions and claims his 50-50 profit share.

In a way it gives you hopes, BUT NO, the next day, before you are awake, the same reckless trading, BOOOM, account vanished.
My fish can do better.