Gold Technical Chart Analysis from Impact Trading Services

Gold is entering a monthly supply/resistance area between 1880 - 1920. I would look for short term pull backs as price moves up in to these areas.

Gold Update:Gold is entering a monthly supply/resistance area between 1880 - 1920. I would look for short term pull backs as price moves up in to these areas. Posted yesterday.

Gold has now retraced 2000 pips from 1885 down to the 1865 area with price action confirmation on the hour, 15, 5, 3 min charts. Great place to book profits for swing position, trend traders.

Great place to place sell orders trades for swing, intra-day traders during the London Session.
Gold Trade Psychology Note:

When you have great money management, only risking 1% to 2% account value per trade, with a great trade plan…Fear is removed.

Your trade plan should always be back-tested and have a positive growth curve. Based on your trade plan, even with a losing streak, you should still be profitable.

Average winning trade is 10% account value
Average losing trade is 1% to 2% account value (risk management)

Even with a 40% win rate 4/10 trades you are still growing your account.

6 losing trades at 2% = 12% drop in your account value.
4 winning trades at 10% = 40% gain in your account value.
Total gains: 28% Good trading day, week, month, etc

Live Update. Double Top pattern, Asia session is giving an hourly sell signal at the 1885 order block, price may fall 500 to 1000 pips. Use great money management and follow the trade plan.

Set your stops just outside of the 1885 order zone more or less depending on your trading style and risk management.

Live update after Inflation Rate News. Trade plan worked. SD/SR levels held. Trade Entry Confirmation, Price Moved at least 1000 pips from the area of Supply / Resistance. Good trade level.

Gold Asian session, strong up trend, priceholding between 1900 to 1896. 1 short signal for 300 pips.

Pattern: False breakout of range. Possible head and shoulder forming. If price does not break 1900 expect consolidation or a drop to the next level of support in the 1880 area.

A move up should see pull backs of 1,500 to 2000 pips between the 1900 - 1930 area.
Gold Weekly Analysis - Jan 16th - 20th
Monthly Weekly Supply Demand Support Resistance levels.

Market Environment: Uptrend

Note we are moving into all time highs, there may be a large pull back.

The 5 to 6 Day range is around 2500 - 3000 pips, which puts gold in to the 1950 - 1960 area should the price move up.

As gold continues to move up into the 1920 to 1950 monthly supply area expect pull backs of 1,500 pips or more.

Trend continuation at levels of demand that have become support for long trades opportunities, from 1910 - 1900 - 1880

As the week starts the first area of interest during the Asian Session will be the 1925.00 supply resistance area with opportunities to place short trades down to levels of support should price give us trade confirmation, Then look for long, trend continuation trades at levels of support

Plan your Trades.
Plan your Entry
Plan your Stoploss
Plan your Profit Target

Become a consistently profitable trader.


Monthly, Weekly, Daily Planning Jan 16th - 20th​

Use trends in data to book larger profits, with a degree of predictability that will give you an edge whether you are a position trader, swing trader, or an intra-day trader.

Monthly, weekly and daily data to plan for the week of Jan 16th - 20th.

Become a consistently profitable trader.