Pig Slaughter and similar scams

The Punisher

Golden 168 Group (Golden 168) is another fake website being ran by the same scammers who also run Sengela Trading, Ambry (Ambry Sun) Trding (yes Trading is misspelled), Golden Day Profit, Golden Crown, JQL Markets, Zero Time Point (ZTP), Prize Capital Limited and a bunch of other scam websites. This company is not real and if you deposit funds with them you will never get your money back. All charts, graphs and signals are manipulated and delayed. This company is not registered or regulated by any financial authority. This is a warning for all investors.



Here is proof of other Scam websites they registered and the listed Directors! Also this is a strong warning for all Investors. FINTRAC is now being used by many scam websites to state registration in Canada. Please note that while FINTRC is a real government organization in Canada they are only used by brokers to report suspicious activity including money laundering. FINTRAC does not register brokers and they are not directly regulating brokers on a day to day basis. A fraud broker obviously is not going to report themselves to FINTRAC however if you have been a victim of a fake broker claiming FINTRAC then please report that broker directly to FINTRAC.