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Sophie Gold is a scammer

Sophie Gold & Michael Cantu aka The Goldeninsight Group aka SG & MC Ltd. aka Teach & Trade Ltd. are scammers. I rented a house directly after they moved out. In the six months I was there I had numerous final demands and threats of court action. Bailiffs called twice all looking for Sophie Gold. Yes, they had done a runner. On one bailiffs advice I started to open the letters and phoned the sender instead of just returning the letters. To my estimate they owed at least £20000 to a multitude of people from that address alone including EDF Energy, Thames Water and the renting agency. They must have done the same from their previous address in London E4 as some creditors traced her from there. This address is still given on one of their sites. Any addresses in E4 or IG8 are false. In the first couple of weeks when their phone number was still active numerous people called, many of which were shocked and dismayed to find her gone. One woman started crying, I asked her if she was owed money, she sobbed, said "Oh ****" and put the phone down.
If Sophie Gold is such a successful trader, 7 out of 10 wins according to one of their websites, she must be loaded. Why do a runner? And why teach other people to do it? Surely she would make more being a successful trader rather than holding seminars. Just like the successful gambler that wants to teach you to be a successful gambler. !!!!!!SCAM!!!!!! written all over it.
Its Good Advice

This is a good advice to the entire men in arms if your assertions are right as rightly pointed out. Men! be watful and care in your business.
Sophie Gold

I wish I had read these comments before signing up for Sophie Gold's mentoring program and to say I am disappointed is an understatement. This posting is my last resort. Before I signed up I was guaranteed mentoring from the lady herself (I had reservations about her other employees) however, several weeks into the program she said she was too busy and assigned other staff to do her job. After some persistance on my part and a reminder of our conversation before I signed up she agreed to continue with the mentoring. A few weeks after, she cancelled 4 of our sessions claiming that she was busy moving, illness and hiring & firing of staff.

Under normal circumstances I would sympathise afterall she is practically running a one man band company. (She had fired all her staff from PA to trainers from our last meeting) However, she is highly unprofessional. Sessions were cancelled at the very last minute and on one occasion she passed a message onto a friend claiming she had family issues. Promises of support via email, skype and mobile were non existent even the 20 page trading plan I never got a glimpse of.

I have now lost interest in her mentorship as I cannot trust her. As a new trader your basic requirement is always going to be support and if she is 'too busy' then you have already lost out.
Sophie Gold and Michael Cantu both emailed the FPA. Michael's email was just a copy and paste of Sophie's using Micheal's address and signature, complete with this...

My name is Sophie Gold And I am the owner of Teach and Trade Ltd along with Michael Cantu.

The email proceeded to complain about some very offensive postings about Sophie and Michael. Those postings were on another website's page that contained anti-FPA postings. I'm not going to share the URL of that website and I will appreciate it if no one posts it here.

For reasons I can't understand, Sophie and Michael decided that the FPA is somehow responsible for anti-FPA threads in other places that go off topic. They both said this...

I have contacted my solicitors here in the UK to put together a slander and deformation of character case against this site and also the people who have posted these messages.

Oh joy. The FPA is going to be sued for something on some other guy's "I hate the FPA" page. I'm not sure how those postings could have deformed Sophie's character. This is bad. It couldn't get any worse, could it?

Of course it could...

I am also contacting the police and lodging a complaint, as this site should not be used in this way.

Since I'm responsible for both forums and reviews content, I guess Sophie plans to have me thrown in jail. Since she's in the UK, I wonder if I could get her to pay for a plane ticket for me so I can turn myself in at Scotland Yard.

It looks like after threatening me with a lawsuit and police action, she decided to try to be nice...

I hope that we can work together to resolve this situation in a timely and efficient way


This can probably be resolved in a timely and efficient way. Let me tell you how to do this.

First, don't waste my time with threats and then try to offer an olive branch. A professional company that has a problem with something in the forums or reviews will write in and ask to discuss things. The FPA's policy is to never remove a single word while someone is holding a legal threat over the website.

Second, don't assume that every website that mentions the FPA is controlled by the FPA. Why would the FPA bother to host a special page that's mostly insults against the FPA? Do you need me to show you how to look up who owns a website? Even if it's anonymously registered, you can still get in touch with the site owners through the registrar and hosting company.

Going after the FPA for something on someone else's site makes no sense. Go after the website where the problem is.

If Sophie has any issues with anything in this thread, she can post her complaints here.
Truth is a complete defense to slander Sophie. If I posted on a forum "I saw Sophie Gold in a barn the other day. She was on her hands and knees being mounted by a bull" you might have a slander case.

However, If I call you a scammer and I have proof, you would not have a slander case.

I saw Sophie Gold in a barn the other day. She was on her hands and knees being mounted by a bull

I just told everybody you take pleasure in bestiality. Now you have every right to sue me for slander. I doubt you will though, a slander case would cost you $30,000 at a minimum and scammers love money too much to spend it. Moreover slander cases are notoriously hard to win so it would really be a waste of time.

More likely you will change your name to "Sophie [insert commodity]" and start selling some other scammy product.
Does all those who threaten others with police reports and court cases understand the reality of the internet world? It's not like as in the old days where you walk down to the local police station to file a complaint against who-and-who and action can be taken almost immediately.

Sophie obviously do not understand as she thinks if she scream "police report" and "court case", everybody at the FPA would back down and cower with fear.

As NickB posted...."If I posted on a forum "I saw Sophie Gold in a barn the other day. She was on her hands and knees being mounted by a bull" you might have a slander case"....well, truth is, what can Sophie do about that???

Apart from a lengthy process just to get some authorities to even consider that there is indeed a case which is within their jurisdiction, and which will make some International laws Lawyers a nice pile of money in fees, it is absolutely futile.
Meanwhile, Sophie Gold's name (and Michael Cantu) will be quite well known in the forex world...but for the wrong reason.

P/S: NickB: Forex has been quite Bearish recently. Sure that was a Bull you saw at the barn?
Sophie Gold - is a con artist who doesn't pay her bills - Teach & Trade. Gold IQ

Sophie Gold is a con artist who doesn't pay her bills. She starts up various companies - leaving a trail of unpaid people - business (and staff reading this thread) behind her.

Do not touch with a barge pole:
Teach & Trade
Gold IQ
Golden Insight Group
Your Star

Companies House have been written to - do not let this woman be a director of a company. Ever. And trading a company knowingly without funds - is fraud.

She makes out she's making all this big money trading... its LIES. She doesn't pay her bills.

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A company called SG & MC Limited, also known as The golden Insight Group also known as Teach and Trade owe ex-employees and clients money.

In reaction to legal action they have simply not answered letters or phone calls. The last name is their re-branding attempt to hide.

They are currently advertising courses in Bank Street Canary Wharf under their new name of Teach and Trade.