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hello..i am rizal ex-golder markets IB in malaysia i am here to warn about golder markets who make their client's fund lost deliberately. i have complete proof showing their bad intention. i will open a file case a soon as possible. beware of this scam broker

We are representing Golder Markets.

We value our clients and reputation very seriously.

For this case, we have the log and materials to prove what had happened. If anyone needs to verify anything, feel free to drop us an email.

Similarly, for any false accusations, we hope Forex Peace Army can assist to clear the air. We would like to thank Forex Peace Army for allowing us the opportunity to clarify this issue.

Best Regards,
Golder Markets Ltd
Two sides, both claiming proof of the other side's misdeeds. Can either side show some proof?
Two sides, both claiming proof of the other side's misdeeds. Can either side show some proof?

i have submit file case in FPA court. here is some proof.golder accessing client's account and make an order until lost



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below is one of the proof i have.golder themselves trade his client's account until lost. IP is from London. the i have many more proof.

2011.09.08 15:36:29 '8118826': deleted #1535259, sell limit 0.05 EURUSD at 1.42000
2011.09.08 19:21:46 '4019': checking password of '8118826' [successful]
2011.09.08 19:29:14 '8118826': order #1550582, sell 0.50 GBPNZD at 1.91625
2011.09.08 19:29:48 '8118826': order #1550594, sell 0.50 GBPNZD at 1.91611

Right before the incident happen,they login the account. Fortunately they forgot to delete the most important mistake they are doing.


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In broker's review, golder use his client's name to make posting blaming me. Their bad intention have been exposed in carigold forum. The real owner deny the post.
Is this your client?

Or are you saying that it's a Golder employee pretending to be your client?

Changing your IB site to point to another broker while still negotiating an issue wasn't the best choice. A warning to hold off on opening new accounts would have been far better. is my website when i still golder IB. i am switch to hotforex because golder is not an honest broker. cheat his IB. the website is not an issue here because the domain name in my right to use.thank you for your advise.
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