GOptions definetely a SCAM



This is a story how GOptions stole my money like a professional con-artist.

When I first deposited my $1000 to GOptions it was the first time trading options, but I've been engaged with different types of trading for years now like stocks, commodities etc.

I won some money and lost some money, in the end I didn't like how trading options worked so I decided to withdraw the remaining $757 from my account. I wasn't disappointed at all with the loss, the risks of trading are very known to me.

The first withdrawal attempt made was 8/9/15 and it was cancelled. My account was verified with my ID, credit card and a recent bill so it felt strange.

So I wanted to get in contact with my account manager named "Max Caleman" by phone, a guy who sounded too eastern European to have such an english name.

Failing to get in touch with him for weeks GOptions customer service always responded to me that he tried contacting me back on my phone or that he sent an email or some other stupid excuse, which of course was total BS. I check my email 10 times a day, I have my cellphone by my side 24/7, nobody tried contacting me.

I tried withdrawing every time it was possible, and every time my withdrawal was pronounced cancelled I would try hopelessly contacting them and issuing another withdrawal.

Since the first withdrawal attempt on 8/9/15 I made 26 withdrawal attempts, every single one cancelled with no explanation.

Never did I get ANY explanation why it's being cancelled, and now whenever I try calling them nobody answers, I'm sure they are avoiding my phone number like the plague. The same goes for the e-mails of course.

Their tactic goes like this: At the beginning they are the kindest trading platform you ever encountered, until your initial deposit is complete. Their scum account managers will contact you and force you into depositing even more money, since a thousand bucks is too little to trade with in their opinion.
When they feel you aren't investing any more money they will brake all contact with you and start ignoring any of your attempts to contact them. If you actually get in contact with them they will lie to you and give you another scumbag account manager.

So in my couple of months with GOptions I changed quite a few account managers who wanted to rob me.
Names: "Ben Berkeley", "Chloe Smith", "Max Caleman", "Adam Van De Beer", "Sophie Hudson" and the list goes on.

Once they see you aren't planing on investing any new funds they will brake all contact with you and cancel every withdrawal attempt you made.

Stay as far away from GOptions as possible, they are true scam artists and they are very good at it, their whole operations is based on this.

Here are the withdrawal attempts:Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.13.50 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.14.13 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.13.58 PM.png

Marko S.


Check Adam Stone on YouTube, he is the COO of Goptions. I find if hard to believe they are scam artists because I know they were one of the most popular platforms last year however after reading the FPA report on them I wouldn't invest with them. Its a shame they refuse to use this website and address problems.