Goptions has not just scammed me but many others


Here is my personal story, Goptions has not just scammed me but many others, in the Binary Trading World.

Goptions is a Fraud !!!!
On December 14, 2014 @ 12:04 am I logged out of my account and my balance was 9555.00. I woke up in the morning and I tried to log in to my account @ Goptions and my password would not work. I continued to try to log in 4 times with my password and I kept getting a message stating "invalid password" this is weird I thought to myself ( I know my own password been using the same one for 4 months). I opened up chat in Goptions and ask why my password is not working. Support said " I'll reset it to 123456" and for me to log in and reset with new password. After I did this my account opened up and my balance was $ 3.70 I was shocked and sick to my stomach
I contacted James Western and support immediately. I sent in all the info and more to prove that my account was HACKED.
For 2 1/2 days I been waiting for it to be resolved. I just got off the phone with James and he said his CEO, said "there is nothing they can do and No Reimbursement will be issued."
If this can happen to me it can happen to all of you as well, who are with those Defrauders Goptions
If your account was really hacked, then the broker doesn't owe you any money. If that is the case, they do owe you a list if all trades placed and the IP addresses of each trade. If they withhold evidence of a crime, that would make it appear that they are trying to cover up the crime.

Either way, changing your password to 123456 is grossly irresponsible. It's an open invitation for someone to come in and play with your account. What if you'd had to run out the door before you could change it to something more secure?