goptions scam (my own horrible story with goptions)


Goptions tried to scam me.This is my real story.Also feel free to research on the below threads..
This is my own story.there are few friends affected by fake promises and scam by Goptions.Please research in threads:

I was approached by online Binary option broker called Goptions ( by mail and SKPE through a Scam signal provider (MANI /BEST SIGNAL). He introduced himself as Adam, partner to CEO and head of sales and VP operation of goptions.

He promised me the following benefits of being VIP account client with them.

Goptions Adam offered Voluntarily 5k unrestricted real cash offer just to deposit 25K with them with no withdraw restriction either time/volume based. He confirms multiple times via Skype and mails in various incidents that I can withdraw whenever I needed.

Proof Attached
As a VIP account benefits, they offered 5% extra profit for EURUSD trade (usually 85%) & Auto trader Subscription refund/reimbursements & 10% Insurance for losing month

Proof Attached
Same day withdraw service

Proof Attached

Believing them, I have opened USD account on 22/2/2013 with 1K USD deposit they offered AUD account facility so opened AUD account 5/3/2013 with 24K deposit and moved USD balance to AUD account. (Proof attached).I did not claimed/not agreed/not authorized/not signed either digitally or physically for any bonus to deposit in my account but they Voluntarily offered 5K no restriction withdraw cash to my account as they promised.

(Proof attached)
Real Cash offer Promised:

No-restriction either by time/Volume Promised:

Before Deposit more non-restricted Promises:

more No-lockup or no -restriction promises:

Auto Trade Subscription offer promise:

'I have submitted all documents and they verified both my USD and AUD accounts:

I have submitted 10K first withdraw request on 08/3/2013 and it was cancelled and they asked me to wait for one month from my date of deposit to retain my cash offer but I can take at end of 3rd month only but I have full access to my deposit and with draw any time any amount from my 25K deposit without restriction. They confirmed this officially by Skype and through official email.

New rules after cancelled my first withdraw. He confirms no restriction my deposit, Auto trading subscription offer:

Official Mail confirmation by Adam saying no restriction in withdraw about my deposit with modified rules after my first withdrawal was cancelled:

After a month, I have submitted three withdraw requests on 8/4/2013 and the entire requests were cancelled by Goptions Adam. I had several mail and Skype communication to Mr. Lee moore and Mr. Adam from Goptions to resolve my withdraw issues and to closing my account. They turn into rude and replied that, I have got bonus and I have to complete 3 million dollar volume trade to get any single dollar from my deposit.

Adam removed me from Goptions room: (Even Scam signal provider BEST SIGNAL removed me from skype room)

Adam abused in phone call and never replied to my Skype:

Adam Challenge me to make Chargeback:

contacted viia mail to Resolve problem:

When I tried to provide all Proof to Lee More, He acted like he knows nothing about this. Then he tried to send me agreement to get me signed to lock my account. I was shocked as, he mentioned all the VIP benefits (Auto trade refund & extra 5% eurusd profit), cash offer, even my own money transferred from USD account to AUD account were mentioned as a Bonus. This is a biggest Scam. I never agreed for any contract/time/volume restriction anytime and I explained same to him but he forced me to sign to hold my account. He even not allowed taking 5K from my Account:

I am shocked and tried my best to resolve my withdraw issues with them but they started to avoid my Skype and email communications. (Proof attached).They have included 5K cash offer, VIP benefits refund and my own money moved from USD to AUD account everything as a bonus from them which I strongly disagree that, I never had claimed/never signed digitally or physically for any restricted bonus with them.

Lee tried to Lockout me and asked me to sign agreement after they cancelled my three withdraws & after 2 months of deposit.I never agreed for anything as such before deposit and I was never told anything before deposit:

my reply:

Lee act like innocent and want me to avoid and lock in to agreement after two months of deposit:

My USD Account: Balance Moved to AUD account:

My AUD account balance: $29730.8 K and check time stamp & check date when my withdraw requests were cancelled.

Look all VIP benefits were added as a Bonus. Even my own money moved from USD account to AUD added as Bonus.($1267)

I was also ready to return back all VIP benefits back to them and just ask to refund my deposit which I had in my account. I have traded myself and regained the losses incurred by the BEST Signal (Mani). But Lee started to threaten me.

The Worst part is they closed my account without any information/Confirmation.

I approached bank and they found that ChargeXP & Algocharge from Cyprus are the credit card processor and they don'€™t have good impression about goptions as they received huge volume of chargeback because of their scams. These guys run virtual office from Israel with mail forwarding address from UK.

I was told that, they have got physical office in London and it is published in their site but after following many goptions scam related forum I found that they don'€™t really have physical office and Scammed lot of people's money and also collect their Credit card, passport, utility bills details for future Identity theft.

Goptions official address:

See the all different companies sharing mail forwarding address of Goptions:

My both USD & AUD trading account was verified by Goption compliance.
I have submitted all the documents requested by them.
I did not Agreed/not claimed/not signed any bonus agreement either digitally or physical documents.
I did not have any contract with them neither I did not agreed/not signed for any contract.
Goptions Voluntarily offered unrestricted (by time and volume) 5K Real cash to deposit 25K with them & assured same day withdraw service.
Goptions Voluntarily offered unrestricted Auto trade subscription refund & extra 5% profit for EURUSD trade as VIP account benefit.
I did not lose my money in trade and still have AUD $29,730.82 in m y account.

They have no reason to stop (or) cancel my withdrawal request (or) closing my account request. As an Individual I have tried my best effort to resolve the problem with them but, they are not ready to give my money back so I approached bank for charge back and yes I got all my money in less than 20 days because of the broker had bad reputations with bank. I have provided more proof to them.

I don'€™t have any personal conflict with goptions apart from this. Either I am not an affiliate with any other broker and never recommend any signal provider or service. This is my real story and I don't want others to suffer and lose their hard earned money with this scam broker / Signalindex. If you still choose it is you unfortunate and Please STAY AWAY FROM GOPTIONS.

I am not going to Deal further on this.Please research yourself before dump money here.better you can dump in toilet rather than goptions.

Some of the other threads can be helpful.

Goptions Feed Scam video:

Goptions promote Goldmine (Joseph goldenberg) who is now as manganese black signal provider wiped all account in march and april.he was called as a chief guest.he delivers 30 + streaks of lossing signals couple of times in march and 15+ streaks in 4 times in last two months alone)
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Send a link to this thread to GoOptions and see if they would like to share their side of the story.
Very simple situation

Send a link to this thread to GoOptions and see if they would like to share their side of the story.

Our side of the story is very simple
The customer came in with 20,000 AUD, that much is true.
He received a bonus of 5,000 as per his request and then commenced trading (please note, at goptions we DO NOT force bonuses and in fact, to receive a bonus, a customer must first ask for one to be placed in his account in writing by mail).

He lost a small amount of money, approximately 2,000, and got cold feet.
He wanted to withdraw the entire amount left in the account, which included the bonus.

When it was explained to him that this is not possible, he got a bit upset and a few emails went back and forth.
Unfortunately, the mails he sent and posted here are not the actual mails.
Firstly, in the correspondence he suggests are real, there is a mention that the bonus funds were free money provided to him with no conditions. So to state it frankly - this just makes no sense and should be reason enough to toss this whole thread. The user has actually been banned from a number of binary sites for expressly this reason and we are dumbfounded why this thread exists. Those sites found his claim both unfounded and illogical to which we obviously agree. It's not to say that he does or doesn't have a reason to be upset - that's a different issue. Maybe he doesn't like the terms he agreed to and was angry with us. Very possible. But the issue of being labeled as a scam can't and won't be accepted in this case as the customer has all of his funds including those which were actually lost.

But again, to make the point clear: no free funds were provided nor were they agreed in any capacity to be provided to this customer. They were provided strictly as a restricted bonus with the normal volume requirements added to them. Furthermore, at goptions, we guarantee same day withdrawals and as such, we asked the customer to simply withdraw just 5,000 and we did this as a gesture. We preferred retaining the customer with a smaller balance than losing him entirely to his own dejection of losing. We furthermore had no idea he would turn around and place a chargeback based on this. It should be again noted that any removal of funds with a bonus in the account is not possible. So our resolution seemed to be a fair one in our minds. However, we don't know if it was or wasn't as no response was made.

He never responded and thenchargedback the entire amount of 20k AUD. So we are simply unaware of any scam in this case. He has his money in full - why on earth is it a scam? If anything, we are owed the funds he lost back. Instead, we are being labeled as a scam when in fact we are the ones who were stolen from. He is now banned from nearly every binary and forex portal/forum for this reason and the least we expect is for this thread to be renamed: resolved as there is nothing left to do.The customer actually has all of his funds, was not only unharmed but earned on this, and left us the broker harmed and in a loss.


GoOption rep- are you claiming that the trader has faked and edited the emails?

I think if you will able to show us the emails to confirm your claim we will be able to take action against this user. Even by sending it to the moderator email, anyway, I think also the trader should reply to this claim.
I think as long as you black out part of the email address and the client's name, this would be enough to deal with any privacy issues. Then we can compare those with the ones shown by the original poster.
Since I also have a problem with GOptions, I believe that I could share my opinion regarding this case...

Firstly, as per their statement for manipulated emails and Skype chats
Unfortunately, the mails he sent and posted here are not the actual mails.
It is hard to manipulate emails and Skype chats and as far as I could use some fraud programs, there's no outside interference!!! Uploaded materials, here and at Trade2Win Forums, are REAL!!!
But that's not all!!! In a call between ME and Lee More, he explained to me their promotions and asked for a deposit of $500. Then, he could offer me some risk-free trades. If I loose, the sum of the bets will be returned back to my balance and I can always withdraw my deposit without any wagering or time limits. If GOptions sign an agreement, I could always ask my mobile operator for a record of the call. That's not a problem at all!

Secondly, GOptions claim that they were cheated because of a chargeback. I would like to ask GOptions directly! What do you expect a client to do when he/she has deposited an amount with volume higher than 20,000 AUD and the company completely refuse to process his/her withdrawal requests! To sit and wait, maybe?! I don't know! BUT I would do the same! I could bet that everyone would do the same! If GOptions don't want to call these actions scamming, well...we could simply call them "cheating"! I don't accept actions where someone promises me to give me real money with one conditions - to leave my deposit at least 1 month - at later changes the conditions stating that funds were bonus funds with some wagering or timeframe requirement. I know that noone gives you free money but once you claim that, it is considered as true.

I can't stand speculations, cheating and scamming from ANY financial company. The act of bolding the fact that a client has chargebacked his transaction(s) BUT HIDING the true facts behind the chargeback is out of any business ethics! Normally, people apply for chargebacks in front of their banks and BANKS decide whether to satisfy client's request or refuse it!!! There's a process called "investigation". Claiming that a client has successfully chargebacked his transaction generally speaks for your company reputation which has fallen down below 0, especially when you tried to cheat me, too!
I think as long as you black out part of the email address and the client's name, this would be enough to deal with any privacy issues. Then we can compare those with the ones shown by the original poster.

We can't refute anything he claims
If people choose to believe that we gave him 5k in cash, then no mail or screen shot will vindicate us.
If someone feels that a broker gives out free cash, show me one that has ever done so.
Mind you, this customer claims that this WAS NOT a bonus of any kind - just "free cash"

So if the logic there makes sense that we as a broker would give him free cash, and not possibly a bonus, then so be it. Nothing we can do to convince those that believe this. If however, you feel that maybe this wasn't the case, and maybe these funds were in fact provided with some strings (as any bonus would) then the whole claim is of no validity. Add to this the fact that the customer lost about 3k USD and proceeded to chargeback 24k he deposited via the credit card and you can tell me who was actually scammed here.

In summary, the customer has all of his money. He even recouped his losses illegally using a chargeback (that we will fighting him in court for).

Hope this helps illuminate this situation and put it to rest.
If you can show versions of the emails that are different than what he shows, that would go a long way towards supporting the company's point of view.

Of course, if you refuse to present any evidence, it would be very easy to believe that a company sales rep made offers that were completely against company policy.

If you can show versions of the emails that are different than what he shows, that would go a long way towards supporting the company's point of view.

Of course, if you refuse to present any evidence, it would be very easy to believe that a company sales rep made offers that were completely against company policy.

This case is going to court so we prefer not showing what we know the customer did
We prefer simply making this one point very clear -
This customer has ALL of his money
This customer was never offered and never received "free cash" that was withdrawal
And if people believe that he, well, there's no proof in the world that would help
I too have a problem with GOptions / they certainly seem to be first class scammers.
You can see all the gory details at GOPTIONS DRAGGING FEET ON WITHDRAWALS - anyone else experiencing the same?

I didn't take a bonus. Never even made a trade. They are just flat out ignoring previous withdrawal requests and ask me to make another withdrawal request. Although the amount is small the principle is large ............... be very very careful when depositing your funds with companies such as GOptions - their advertising and marketing is slick but their business ethics is non/existent!
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