Goptions scam

Kenny Wong

I grew my account from $200 to $700 in a month and over the time, I will receive phone calls from them asking me to open a bigger account for more bonuses and advantages.

Sooner or later, I ignored their call.
And TODAY (7th January 2014) I remembered I have an amount of $711 in my account BEFORE I log out.
When I got home just now, $500 is gone and I am left with $211.

As many of you would, I quickly call the GOPTIONS through the customer hotline, and I was told to email them!
They answered me "We are able to offer a bonus at 10x volume to you, and give you the full amount that was traded there."
I am confuse, and I feel like I am being trapped by the company. As in, they took away $500 from you and then later offer you a "BONUS" to BIND YOU WITH THEIR COMPANY.

Has anyone encountered such problem?
I felt cheated and helpless, is there anything I can do to this company, GOPTIONS?

Please advise.
Check your trading history, and get a screenshot. Did the money disappear, or did an extra losing trade show up?

Send an email to every address you can find for Goptions. Invite them to come to this thread and explain what is going on.

No matter what, don't open any more trades.