GOPTIONS - withholding funds


After making an initial deposit, I was contacted by a Dan Henderson to make an additional deposit. This will allow me to get 5 risk free trades with no restrictions or volume commitments. I made the additional deposit, but never got the 5 risk free trades. After making the deposit, I never heard from Mr Henderson again.

I started trading on their platform and slowly started to make profit. My 1st and 2nd withdrawal was processed without any problems. The 3rd withdrawal however had problems. After the withdrawal request was approved, the funds never got transferred back to my credit card account. After opening a support ticket, the withdrawal request was finally completed after 31 days.

As my profits were growing, I requested another withdrawal. At 1st the request got cancelled. I was informed that I can only make withdrawals every 30 days. I waited the 30 days and then requested the withdrawal. It took 8 days to have the request approved. Only after logging another support ticket was the request approved. After the approval a transaction was processed to my credit card account for a quarter of the original withdrawal request amount. I logged a ticket to have the matter investigated. The 1st response from support was that I had to wait 30 days before they can do anything. 30 days passed. So I contacted support again. I did not get any response from support. So I sent an email to a Mr Michael Ross who is the Head of Customer Services Department asking why I haven’t heard from support yet. He replied that he has notified accounting to investigate. Now 50 days later and the issue still have not been resolved. And not getting any response from support.

Taking funds out of my broker account and not transferring it to my credit card account is theft. Now the platform has removed the option for me to withdrawal funds. When I log into the platform, I have no way of withdrawing any funds.

I am making your organizations aware of this fraudulent broker. How can they still be allowed to continue operating and take their clients’ funds and not completing the withdrawals? How can GOptions be shut down and prevent other people across the world from losing their funds?


2nd Lieutenant



Go Marketing International Ltd

Go Marketing Solutions Ltd


The Anguilla Financial Services Commission (the "Commission") is informing the public that

Go Marketing International Ltd, Go Marketing Solutions Ltd and GOptions are not licensed, nor have they ever been licensed, by the Commission to carry on the business of trading securities or commodities of any type, including binary options.

Any such business incorporated or otherwise organized under the laws of Anguilla is not regulated by the Commission and may not be regulated anywhere. Investors should be aware of the risks associated with unregulated investment business.

Any complaints with respect to Go Marketing International Ltd, Go Marketing Solutions and GOptions may be directed to the registered agent of Go Marketing International Ltd, namely:

Executive Corporate Services Inc.

The Mason Complex

Suites 19 & 20

P.O. Box 14052

The Valley

Anguilla B.W.I.

Tel: +1 (264) 497 7416

Fax: +1 (264) 497 7417

For a discussion of the risks associated with binary options trading, please read the Investor Alert dated 11 December 2014 entitled "Unregulated Investment Business", available on the website of the Anguilla Financial Services Commission.

Any queries with respect to this investor alert should be sent to:

Anguilla Financial Services Commission

19 March 2015


Brigadier General
Gather all your documents and have a chat with the fraud department at your credit card company. Explain that withdrawal is one of the promised services and the money was not sent. Ask of a chargeback is possible.