I made a withdrawal request for £1127.99 and nothing was done for 10 days! Despite the fact that it says "same day withdrawals" on their website. Then after those 10 days my account was taken over and trades were placed on my account without my knowledge or permission. all of the money was lost (other than £27.99 that is left in the account which i cant withdraw because the minimum is £100).

My email and phone number have been blocked by the company and they are refusing to deal with the situation.


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UPDATE: i had a phone call from adam stone, he said he doesn't work for them anymore because of the way that they treat people but he still cares about the company (thought this was a bit strange). he then said that when i made my deposit with goptions it goes through a processor and that processor no longer exists and he said that the only way to get my money back is to do a charge back and to tell the bank that the company wants me to do a charge back.
I spoke to the bank and they said there is nothing they can do outside the deadline and everything he is saying about the processor is complete rubbish! when i contacted him back all i got was a load of abusive and childish emails from adam stone.