Government Regulators need to shut down SPOTOPTION who support scam brokers!

Samantha Ruby

This firm is responsible for the vast majority of scam brokers like banc de binary, bloombex, big option, Lbinary, NRG Binary and many many others. Infact over 90% of the scam brokers and some of the worst ones all use SPOTOPTION for their platforms. The government regulators need to sue them and shut them down. They have supported all these scam brokers and are responsible for promoting and the theft they have made on the world. Look at what they think of their users by making such a thing as the Spot Machine. What sick disgusting people. Shame on you and your parents for all the damage you have done those abroad. You need to pay spotoption!

spot option responsible for scam brokers.png

If you want to see them shut down "we should have a poll or vote so people can voice their opinion on this. I think many would agree they need to cut the head off this dangerous dragon once and for all!"
I'd love to see it happen, but have my doubts. MT4 comes with some very interesting . . . abilities for brokers, but hasn't been outlawed.

At this point, I'd love to see each country do what Israel, Canada, and the US have done - make binary options illegal in their territories.
MT4 comes with some very interesting . . . abilities for brokers
Why is Spot Option supplying MT4 platforms to BinaryBrokers, kind of strange :rolleyes:

MetaQuotes Software is simply been misused, some older article, certainly some more recent stuff available….

Spot Option offers a full line of services (pretty soon Live Stock will be included on the Mt4) any one may call them and start a brokerage Business, no need for specific qualifications, besides knowing aggressive sales technics, called robbing .

From the many hundreds of blacklisted websites, how many had been set up by Spot Option ? 70 % :D
Personally, I'd love to see some regulator take a look at the platform providers. Proving that they actively assist in crime might be a little difficult, but it is an angle worth examining. Considering how easily some brokers evade the law, I'm just not holding out high hopes for "enabling fraud" as a charge which will stick.
Considering how easily some brokers evade the law
.....and others end up jailed !

Well, in criminal affaires MIDDLEMAN always pretend not to be liable for the wrongful acts.
However, criminal courts might have a different opinion, the question just needs to be raised :cool:
I'm all for trying this out. I'm just not getting my hopes up. If you can get a regulator or police agency to take a serious look at it, I'll throw everything at my disposal behind it.

In the meantime, I'm going to need a new case of Champagne for celebrating all the binary brokers encountering more and more regulatory issues.