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Discuss GPSForexRobot.com

General discussions of a financial company
The recovery trade worked out and I made a few extra pips. In all fairness the GPSForexRobot may provide 30% per month but it does not for me, in spite of my many emails to the support team and their lack lustre responses.

With regards to the recovery trade when you have your " Blue Moon" you'll really have to manage the recovery as best as you can, but one day expect a margin call it's inevitable!!

Now if you think the EA is not worth the risk of having one trade wipe out your account I'm inclined to agree with you..

Wow, what kind of leverage do you use? Certainly not 1:50 because I know at least 2 people that got a margin call on that 'Blue Moon' day.
That second trade went (w/ 5.3 times the normal lot size) -136pips against the trade, no SL on that one... just margin calls.

Check the FPA demo account, they also managed to get out w/o a margin call but I saw on their (almost) live report a floating loss of $5600+ on a $10,000 account.. that's a lot!
GPS-Extremely boring

I have yet to see a trade this year on two pairs. EURUSD only seems to trade at one time of the day and then it doesnt even do that some days. What good is it, if it doesnt trade? Who cares if it has a 98% win rate, if it dont trade the pairs?
So far so good...

I trialled this ea on my real-money IAMFX micro account (1:400) - you can view some trading history at:

IAMFX System | Myfxbook

Now, when you view this, please filter out the other trades created by poor eas - I got those ones refunded. :mad:

This ea seemed safe enough for me, that I have now committed $40k to it. One thing the history on this does not show, are my two trades in December by this ea for $3500 and $3000 profit. :cool:

Hey, I'm either over-confident that it is going to work well, or an extreme risk taker - I like both! :D

You can see other results here:

Statement: XXXXXX - Antony Kemble

The verdict is still out on which broker is the best - I have only used IAMFX, and they are considered the recommended broker, however, if you look at the second page of results provided by them (above) they are using Alpari and seem to be getting even better results than me!!!! (more trades). :confused:

If anyone else can prove better real-money results on a different broker (such as Alpari), please let me know! I contacted support, and they recommended default settings, however, I did alter one setting: I chose to use a trailing stop-loss (no stop-loss = "flying by the seat of your pants" I believe). :)
I have used GPS on IAMFX and FINFX. So far this robot has proven to be the real deal, unlike so many others I have tried and lost money on. Really, I am only using this one, along with another one or two, since this one is one of the few that seem to be working ok. There are so many variables such as brokers, account types, feeds, latency, etc. that can affect the results of even the most basic EA. But with GPS I have had consistent results for both brokers and on different accounts. Only be very careful if you increase leverage: I made a massive loss only once recently because I had 20% risk instead of the recommended default of 10% risk. The margin limit was hit and I lost big. I have reduced the risk to recommended settings, and I am quietly confident of making a speedy recovery. There are so many bull**** EAs out there - you can tell which developers are doing that because they pump one out after another. Mark Larson (as far as I am aware) has not done this. Maybe a one-hit wonder, but works for me.
I could not understand the trade under your 100k account (GPS Robot FxChoice 100k System | Myfxbook).
one trade open on 19 Feb 2013, but closed on 28 Feb. I could not find any clue to show the EURUSD trade at 1.3414 Level, but their trade closed at such level with profit.

this trade is defintely the very huge loss trade with 25 lots!

anyone can explain?
Hi Craneliu,
I just had a look, if you did mean that the "close" was at 3414, now on myfx is OPEN 1.33523 CLOSE 1.33566 ......... still I don't see that price on the 28th

You are right, there is something strange.


I could not understand the trade under your 100k account (GPS Robot FxChoice 100k System | Myfxbook).
one trade open on 19 Feb 2013, but closed on 28 Feb. I could not find any clue to show the EURUSD trade at 1.3414 Level, but their trade closed at such level with profit.

this trade is defintely the very huge loss trade with 25 lots!

anyone can explain?
Obviously a scam and between vendor and broker FxChoice is the deal.

New scam from same people and same broker FxChoice: Commodity Robot: Coffee Module Secrets Revealed ? Commodity Robot

Well, certainly a deal which is meant to suit the vendor and not the trader... same as the previous deal between GPS and IAMFX.

I concur about the Commodity Robot - that was an expensive POS. Shame on them for using their "good" reputation with GPS to peddle that crap... from memory there were three licenses, depending on the balance a trader intended on using: I think a couple of licenses sold for a ridiculous $25,000 but I can't recall exactly. I ended up paying for the lesser licenses of $2000. Commodity Robot performed terribly compared with GPS.

I still support the GPS robot though. I use IC Markets instead. WARNING: GPS does not trade often.
The reason that this EA stopped sending signals of performance is obviously because it had a high drawdown around 30 to 35 % at a sell trade which opened at 28.5.2014 as an opposite trade of a buy loosing trade which opened at 21.5.2014 and hit stop loss at 28.5.2014.
This buy trade finally closed in profit at 5.6.2014.
The funny thing is that at official myfxbook accounts of GPS although are obvious that this sell trade had such drawdown if someone check it at history details, as my account and some other following accounts at internet had, this isn't appeared to their accounts at all.
Now at GPS myfxbook accounts drawdown still remains at 9%.
I don't know how did they manage it, but it happens like this.
It isn't so terrible to have a drawdown around 30% so i suppose that they must admit it soon and maybe find a reason to make some improvements to this system especially at market conditions which prices of EURUSD are in oversold territory and need to open the reverse sell trade.
The only dangerous about this system is what can happen if the reversal sell trade will continue to follow not successful direction creating huge drawdown or (more worse) destroying an account.
A total farce I am really disappointed with the GPS robot. I had this authenticated already 5 days ago and not even I single trade was performed. The support team has been 4 days telling me that it would start in any minute even though it is set up to trade everyday. I am now looking to scrap up everything and looking up for a refund now......