Grand Capital Fraudia Broker


Please away from Grand Capital forex broker it is a big scammer in the world. If you want to know about this broker please personal email me I will tell all scamming story about grand capital.

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Lt. Colonel
Please away from Grand Capital forex broker it is a big scammer in the world. If you want to know about this broker please personal email me I will tell all scamming story about grand capital.
Just saying Scam is not good unless you shared the incident that happened to you.


There is also a broker in the world that is fraudulently fraudulent with Forex Traders but does not close any business of it.
Whether someone listens or not, Stop Fraud will listen.
10 years History of Grand Capital in just 2 minutes.

Some important points regarding Fraud being done by Grand Capital
Grand Capital is always looking for new clients so that the new clients never make any profit in the market and Grand Capital does not need to return the deposit of the client. Take the example from 1. Zeeshan who belongs to Pakistan. He deposited 3000$ and when his account had 14000$ profit then his account was liquidated. This case was kept running and later Grand Capital returned 3000$ to Zeeshan and for the remaining 11000$ the case is still running and Grand Capital is denying to return the money to Zeeshan. Check below to see more important frauds done by Grand Capital.
Email to Zeshan and check all fraud story by done grand capital:
Dear Sir,
please see below links and attachments.
ye forex peace army forex traders ka forum hy all over the world. is pe mera case dekhein aor in k reply dekhein in k reply dekh k apko pata chal jayga.
Forexpeacearmy sy inho ny license lia hy onko complaint ki to onka reply parhein ye nechy
After reviewing the facts of the dispute that arose on your trading accounts ## 485323, 485600 and 500528,
What to say (FinaCom? Please Read Here
I have to conclude that your complaint is outside of jurisdiction of the Financial Commission.
First of all, please be advised that hearing complaints related to Bonus Policy and making decisions on them
is not the aspect of dispute resolution the Financial Commission is obliged to deal with.
What does Grand Capital does to the IB.?
Grand Capital keeps giving commission to the IB when the commission is between 200-300$ and when the commissions increases Grand Capital stops giving the commission and starts blackmailing the IB, for that they tell the IB if they provide more clients then they will give the commission to the IB otherwise company reserves the right to give commission to who and who not to give.

Regarding IB some important points
2. Ahsan, who belongs to Okara Pakistan. His story by himself.
When I started working as an IB with Grand Capital then they showed me very beautiful dreams and I started to work with them. I gave many clients to Grand Capital and when my commission increased from 300$ then they stopped my commission and also stopped the profit of many clients because of that I had to pay by myself to the clients. I tried to reach out to Grand Capital but they did not listen to me. I tried to talk to their regulator but they also did not listen to me because they were involved in the fraud with Grand Capital and now I am doing small labor jobs in order to pay back my debts. For my this current condition Gotam Das is responsible who is doing this for his kids in order to give them a better life and keeping other’s kids in order to starve. Proof of fraud can be found in the below shown images.
Read More and more about Grandcapital Fraud.
3. Ejaz belongs to Pakistan. What Ejaz did for Grand Capital and what Grand Capital did to Ejaz. Gotam Das claims to be the operational manager in the company. Ejaz arranged and did two seminars for the Grand Capital in Pakistan and introduced the company in the country. In first seminar 750$ were spent and company only paid 600$ to Ejaz. On second seminar, 570$ were spent and company paid 600$.
The clients I gave to Grand Capital most of them had their account linked with fund manager. Fund manager did one kind of blunder in the start of second month which liquidated the accounts of all clients. Now those clients are from my town and they all are chasing me. I had to pay for their loss of 2200$ when company paid 600$ as commission to me.
When the commission was around 400$ the company used to pay the commission and when It reached 790$ the company stopped the commission. After two months they paid me 790$ as a charity and next month they again stopped my commission and started black mailing me that I haven’t given any client to them last month. Next month I gave one client to Grand Capital so that I can get commission but on 11th of the month Grand Capital started showing my account in negative. When I requested to Gotam Das for my commission then he violently rejected and said to me that how many clients I have given to the company. I replied to him that before you used to say to get the commission each month you need to provide at least one client so I have provided one client to the company. Gotam Das replied to me that no one gives commission on one client. Grand Capital and its operational manager not only do fraud with the money but also do the fraud in talking.
If you focus below then on image you will see 1609.39$ it means that company needs to pay me 1609.39$ but just because of the negative sign Grand Capital is now the one to get the money instead of paying me. Do you think that in the world any broker gives that much amount of money that the account starts showing the money in negative. Secondly if Grand Capital has paid me this money and if I still saying bad to Grand Capital
I want to ask one question from all the readers that will you trade with Grand Capital after looking at this whole mess.

You can’t save the world from this broker but you can at least save the poor and needy people of your country from this broker.
Only the way to save the poor people from this broker is to share this link in each and every social network.
4. Thembokuhle Innocent, He is a good trader from South Africa. His 400$ were in pending from many days and later Grand Capital by black mailing made him Exchanger in South Africa, Grand Capital deleted his traders account and ate 1.4 Million by scam. For more information you can contact him. His Skype ID is Titan exchanger
5. Nicolo Campagnari, what happened to him is that his commission have been stopped by Grand Capital and till now broker is refusing to pay his commission. His Skype ID is mentioned below you can talk to him and know the whole story.
SKYPE ID Nicolo Campagnari
A few words about Mr Goutam.
Gotam Das Operational Manager of Grand Capital, some information about him. Gotam Das is very innocent person but what he does is not innocent. When he has work with the clients then he speaks very sweetly and tell stories and always show that he keeps a high position in the company and if there is anything then he can solve it in couple of minutes. When there is an issue he stops giving answer, when a client tries to talk to him then he is always busy or he is attending meetings. Even if you find him free then he will tell you not to disturb. And if you still tries to contact him then your emails are cause of pain to him and if you still try to contact him then he will eventually block you so what will you then? When you will go to live chat they will ask you to contact your Account manager and Account manager does not reply to the clients. What will you do then? Then you will only listen to them and will spend your own money to remain the slave of Gotam Das. The most interesting thing is that you will invest your own money for the broker and will beg to get it back from your own money.
Will you trade with this kind of person? If not then share this link in each and every network social platform of the world and save the world from his fraud.
He is using Urdu/Hindi and English language in order to commit fraud with the people from

South Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nageria
and playing an important role. I can write much more about him but I won’t because if he doesn’t care about South Africa,India Pakistan,Bangladesh and Nageria but we do care about the countries. If we also behave like him then there is no difference between him and us. We are not begging from him in the name of South Africa, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nageria but at least don’t do fraud with us.
You can take part in this honorable work and share this link to the people as much as you can so that every poor person of every country can stay away from this Fraud Person and his fraud company and join this group to show that you are against the fraud. And tell the people who do fraud no matter where we are from but we will punish and take actions against the people who commit fraud and we will continue our aim to fight with fraud.
A Few words for (FinaCom).

Why broker is allowed to do something which broker is not allowed to do. For example if the regulator doesn’t take complains against the bonus which is provided by the broker then they shouldn’t allow the broker to give bonus to the clients. If regulator doesn’t want to hear about the complains regarding commission of IB then don’t let the broker to do business of IB. Take the example of Cyprus, Few years back they informed the brokers if any broker gives bonus to the clients then they will cancel the license and close their business. Why FinaCom doesn’t want to work just because to let Grand Capital steal the money from poor people of the world.

A Few words for the Russian Minister for Law.
With dearest respect I would like to say that your country’s international company Grand Capital is committing fraud openly, company is earning millions of dollar but the image and reputation of Russia has been tarnished. Who will be held responsible for that? If you are loyal to your country then why not to you take action against these kind of fraud companies.
May be you want further to read about Grand Capital (Fraudia Broker) Please contact with me by Skype ID fakharkavi1. Thank



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Grand Capital

GrandCapital Representative
There is also a broker in the world that is fraudulently fraudulent with Forex Traders but does not close any business of it.
Hi Asiaforextrader.

We have examined all the situations presented by you. So far you have provided no evidence that there has been any wrongdoing from our side and some of them are just lies.

1. We have checked and didn't find a client with this name who would trade on a real account. Please give us this person's account number.
2. Ahsan didn't meet the requirements stated in the p. 9.8 of the Partner agreement ( Capital Partner Agreement.pdf). The partner agreement is publicly available on the Documents and Agreements page of Grand Capital website ( and every partner has to read and sign this agreement should they be willing to become Grand Capital partner.

3. Ejaz (Ijaz) didn't comply with pp. 9.4 and 9.8 of our Partner agreement as well. Here's his post on this forum:

We are interested in collaborating with partners in the region, but we can't give special treatment, while other partners work on the exact same conditions.

4. These accusations are a complete lie. If anyone writes to Thembokuhle Innocent, the accusations will not hold up. Thembolihle has been our partner for about 2 years and is still trading with us.

5. Nicolo Campagnari — We don't have a client or a partner registered under this name. Please provide the account number.