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Discuss GrandCapitalGC.com CRYPTO SCAM!

General discussions of a financial company


Grandcapitalcg.com never sent us the funds back, my dad was trading with them, and they asked us to pay a penalty before they could send us our money back, when they said they released, they sent it back to their wallet on purpose,
Since then they never wanted to release our funds, they are crooks and criminals, please do not deal with them or trust them. Here is all the proof.
It's really sad how scammers are ready to steal and f**** other people up....
They said after signing this and that document we would get our money back, but we never had received and they keep asking asking for more and more and more.
They will make you believe your at fault and you have to do everything and that you owe them.

The money they show, is not even real, it's all fake, do not deal with them.


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yo fui estafada por una plataforma llamada Gateway capital CG, ya no se sie a la misma pero también me hicieron pagar 511€ por comisión y ellos me devuelven 2222,30 inmediatamente cuando les aga el pago cosa que no cumplieron con lo prometido


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