Great Site!


Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the good info here, it's been very helpfull. I've been an active trader since 1994, mostly stocks and stock index futures. I've been trading in the forex
a little over 2 months now & it's been great. I'm with EFX Group and our trades go thru MB Trading. So far so good. Their executions are terrific, no complaints yet. So I'm thinking that MB Trading would work well using the Secret News Weapon, but I can't find any threads or comments indicating preffered brokers to use vis a vis the SNW. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated as I would very much like to sign up for the Secret News Weapon. In return I'm happy to share other financial strategies I've found to be benneficial, just head over to my website: . Cheers!

Woody - I curently use MB trading to trade the news and I have no complaints - of course there are plenty of people who will have problems but trading the news is a delicate procedure and there can be slippage etc. with anyone in fast market conditions.Give 'em a try.