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Discussion in 'Forex Signals Services' started by AsstModerator, Mar 23, 2009.

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    Dec 11, 2007
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  2. brycer

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    Aug 5, 2009
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    Ripped Off

    I subscribed to their room for 6 months for a price of $299. It wasn't great and after a few months, I was no longer able to trade within their hours.

    Unfortunately, I was re-subscribed after 6 months automatically via paypal! I had no idea it was a recurring subscription. I was re-subscribed for 1 month for $299. They don't even charge $299 a month if I were to subscribe from their site right now!

    So, immediately after receiving notice from paypal that I had been charged another $299 for another month, I contacted greenforextrading.com and asked for a refund and told them I did not realize that I was going to be re-subscribed and that I was also no longer able to be in the room during their trading hours. I had not used any of the new subscription time in the room yet, so I wasn't trying to get a refund for time that I had already spent in their room.

    They would not offer me a refund and instead said that they would give me 2 months in their room knowing full well that my schedule no longer allowed me to attend during their hours! 2 months in their room is useless to me not only because I can't attend, but their results are poor as well. They had no good reason for not giving me a refund as I didn't even use the subscription yet. UNREAL!

    Stay away from these guys. They are dishonest and aren't willing to do what it takes to run a proper business - IE. Customer Satisfaction

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