GreenvaultFX - not processing withdrawals anymore



If you try to trade with GreenVaultFX , they will scam you in the worst possible way - you wont get back your deposit. They wont pay even IB commissions.

They had serious problems with withdrawals in the past and I think it is the reason why most of their clients left the company. By my opinion, they realized that it is right time to make money from stealing deposits because it is more profitable stuff...

I submitted withdrawal on 23.10. and even after I urged several times, nothing happened. They promissed me all the time that the withdrawal will be sent asap (in interval of few days) and then after a month they told me, that they dont see the withdrawal request. So they removed the amount from my MT4 and told me that it will be sent asap. It was on 26.11. (6 weeks ago). Since then, Im trying to contact them on the chat and all the time they are telling me that they will send in few days.

Now it seems that even their chat support is scam so I cannot contact them on it. I have 3 of their reps on Skype but only Harry W responded about my case. He esured me that they are not a scam, they are serious and other **** like that. When I tried to explain him that I want my money back (I also mentioned their regulator and FPA and their reputation), he cut me off instead of solving my problem. So now there is nobody in this company who could help me.

I also tried to email them, off course without any response...

Im going to inform the Forex world about these scammers. If by a miracle they send me the money, I will update the review. But from what I know, Im not the only one person by far scammed from this company...


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How did you deposit? How much? Was there any profit?

It will be also better if you will inform them about this thread
I warned them several times but they just dont care. You can see the balance (deposited on June 2014) and profit in the screenshot attached in the first post. I also tried to withdraw my IB account with 377 USD, but there they even dont bother with deducting the balance. You can read the official thread here on FPA about GV, there is many more people waiting for their withdrawals for ages and I personaly know someone who is waiting for a half year. They should definitely be blacklisted by FPA as they are obvious scammers. I can provide more proofs just name it.
No response till now. I think they are even out of business now, their Indi office is gone. Their site is still running and hunting new deposits which they never return. We really need to warn other traders asap.
The FPA will need some clients who aren't disputing IB payments to file Traders Court cases.
Harry W. from GV already responded on Skype after few days. He told me that they have problems with bank accounts or what, but they keep telling this fairytale all the time. He never specify the problem, withdrawlas just dont work for few months and they even dont care with informing their "valuable customers" by email or website notice. He told me that during 1st week of February I will have the money in my bank account. Personaly I have no faith in this company anymore, just empty promisses for looooong weeks... but lets see, I'll give them last shot to prove themselves.
The first week of February is gone and my withdrawal havent met my bank accont (how surprising). Now I can call them scammers with 100% certainty.
And what is absolutly SHOCKING: My friend resent me conversation with Amy J who tried to convince him for a deposit. When he told her that Im waiting for about 3 months for my withdrawal, she replied: "dont worry, we now provide instant withdrawals for our new clients and your friend is waiting because of a small technical glitch." WHAT THE HELL?? REALLY??
So they discriminate old loyal customers according her words. In what kind of world is she living? .... Hey, our withdrawals dont work for over 3 months already but dont worry, its just a small technical glitch.... with greenvault is same, sponsor greenvault sponsor integerfx, I deposit 500$ on greenvault, i trade loss, and Harry GV tell me deposit 1000$ and he give me recuse bonus, and i take profit 400$, i want to withdrew 1400$ but they tell me waiting, i waiting 3 month so dont see my money on my bank, so that is tiger!.
my link is :
please see greenvault talk to me!.
GV Eva talk me and introduce about, she told she work and don't same greentvault,