Greenzone-options website down for more than 2 months


Hello All,

I started trading with Greenzone-options late last year and deposited some amount of money there. I will say that initially they look to be a serious Options broker, going by the response from their support and other services offered by them, among which is autotrade service.

However for over 3 months, there have been a foul play from this company. Initially, the website was not available during some time of the day. This condition grew worse that at the moment, the website is totally unavailable. what you get is "Website under construction".

I sent a mail to them to recover my $1200 left in account, and I got a reply that :

Dear Sir,
The website is down because we have some minor issues with server and data provider, it should be resolved soon.
Best regards,
Greenzone-options support team

Further mails have remain un-replied. Anyone has any suggestion on how to file a compliant please.


Lt. Colonel
Lets start with sending invitation about this thread. Go live chat or send them email about this thread and ask them to reply here.


It may be too late, but if you deposited by credit card, contact the fraud department of the card's issuing bank. Explain that the promised service of the ability to withdraw money is not available with the website being down.