Greg Secker Learn To Trade CONFIRMED FRAUDSTER


I nearly went there a few years back but decided against it as I had a feeling there would be a massive upsale down the line.


Yeah, this guy's annoying - and he's everywhere! I can't get my Youtube videos to stop with his ads! I've attended 3 of his seminars already, including one I attended back in 2016 in South Africa, Centurion. It was facilitated by the Indian guy you've all mentioned above.

They spend the entire 2 hours talking-you-up like they're setting you up to take a stupid leap into something you otherwise wouldn't. It ends up sounding like a motivational talk for the gullible rather than anything else. Mind you, it's sold as a seminar to discuss good trading strategies. They probably spend 5% of the time on trading strategies. And they are purposefully dubious with the details to make it incomprehensible. This all feeds into the 'you need them' story they're pushing. The rest of the time, they're talking-you-up! And I think they keep returning to South Africa because they've found fertile soil of gullible people here. I just get so annoyed, I leave those seminars midway through because I realize it's nothing more than a drawn-out sales pitch. Nothing more!
So why did you go to three of them?


Greg Secker Learn To Trade CONFIRMED FRAUDSTER

One word. RUN! Greg Secker Learn to Trade and his cronies such as Gurdas Singh Sidhu are just scammers. Never made a penny trading in their lives.

Very poor training/educational experience; basically just want you to subscribe to their expensive software and use their brokerage firm Capital UK where they make commissions on every single trade you make.

The subscriptions to the useless software (SmartCharts aka SCAM CHARTS) are just another recurring revenue stream for Learn to trade / Greg Secker so he can keep buying expensive SNAKE OIL ads with coded messages of riches e.g. holidays, dream homes, yachts, expensive cars etc and EXPLOITING even more financially VULNERABLE people with a dream to do better until they figure out they are being RIPPED OFF.

Within 10 minutes of a Learn to trade training session, we were asked to go to another room where we were sold an extremely expensive upsell for over £20,000. I was DISGUSTED.

Ever wondered why Learn To Trade / Greg Secker spends a fortune on Youtube ads?

Greg Secker makes huge amounts of money from the vulnerable until they work out they are more BROKE than when they started because they now have huge debts because they lost borrowed money in learning a system rigged to make them lose money!

Got to be one of the biggest scams in history.

Would love to hear other stories of people who have been scammed by this con man Greg Secker.
Thanks for this. I just check out his official account at companies house, and the company is technically insolvent. And the auditors also say that they cannot be certain it is a going concern. If he is so successful why is his company running a near £1 million deficit on its last balance sheet published, for 2019. Why have no further accounts been published to Jan 2022. Be careful.