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Greg's Success Signals

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by glittle56, May 3, 2012.

  1. glittle56

    glittle56 Private

    Jul 16, 2010
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    On the 27th April 2012, my account of $12,500 was completely wiped out by this Signal service run by Greg Stefaniak.
    The trades that were opened automatically on my account were all GbpUsd Short positions and the authorized trade level was set to 0.3 lots:
    #1 1.5828 on 16th April @ 0.2 lots
    #2 1.5881 on 16th April @ 0.2 lots
    #3 1.5951 on 17th April @ 0.3 lots
    #4 1.6016 on 19th April @ 0.9 lots
    #5 1.6071 on 20th April @ 1.8 lots
    #6 1.6088 on 23rd April @ 2.0 lots
    #7 1.7172 on 27th April @ 2.0 lots
    After complaints in the Review Forum I have found that other members of this service did not have the same trades opened in their accounts and so their accounts were ok. Some members lost over 50% of their account.
    This is a service in which Greg mirrors the exact trades he is making into the MT4 accounts of his members. At least that is what the sales page says. If this is a legitimate service, then why are different members receiving different trade entries at the same time.
    You can view the history of this story in the Review Forum.
    Prior to taking this to Traders Court, I am asking for any members of the GSS signal service to confirm that the above listed trades on the above dates were placed on their account also and the result. Please also comment if you did not receive the above trades so we can get to the bottom of this scandle.
    BTW Greg has written back to me saying that his trading activity is my fault which is very concerning, especially when his account did not receive the same trades as mine.

    I would appreciate your feedback so we can get to the truth here.

    Kind Regards,

    Graeme Little

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