gretpeter_fx (on Instagram)


Not strictly proven to be a scam, but thought I'd warn anyway. This guy (gretpeter_fx) added me on instagram, and was offering an account management service. I enquired and he explained he would link my mt4 account to a master account to copy trades and promised a monthly ROI of 100-150%. He also showed me screenshots of a fxbook account to show past results.
Charged an up front fee of $150 (which was also to be paid monthly) which I paid against my better judgement. I started with £500 in my account. After the first week I was down £100 and after the second week down another £100 approx. The account balance had never been more than original deposit.
I asked if he would refund me the 150 fee (didn't request he reimburse my losses) and he refused saying I should be patient and would see results in a month and if not, he would refund my initial deposit (if lost) plus service fee. I argued that he would need to make ~£700 in 2 weeks to meet the target and could he not just refund the fee and I would take the loss to my account. But again he refused.
Who knows, maybe he really would have refunded after a month - you can make your own mind up. I've taken the L and disconnected my account (today) before he inevitably blows it and promptly blocks me. Don't make the same mistake as me!
PS he's also affiliated with the account "lazy_trader"