is a scam


The 1st time I have invested in the 1st plan it went through with no issues, after 7 days I got my money and a profit of 17.5% in my wallet within 5 hrs tops...
I tried investing here for the 2nd time and i forgot the reference code to put it in the remark window. But the reference code is not needed because the system know from who it is and you have a personal wallet anyway when you opening an account. the KYC was no problem then went very fast. But then the problems came!

That my Deposit amount was to low ($1.35) and there for My deposit was pending but still running..
So I did ask what the problem was and they said that the amount was not enough to activate my deposit.
So I had to make the same amount again to activate my lower investment (the $1.35 less) within 24 hrs....
I told them that I will not do this because of the fact that the amount is only 1.35$ lower and if it is possible to send the difference to the same address of 1.35$ or round it up to 2$ to activate my already send Deposit?
That was not possible because the API only activates when the full amount is deposit...
I already got for 2 days profit and then they suspended my account , I can not login anymore..

"You have no longer access to your account. Your account has been terminated by security department for fraud activity."

Terminated for Fraud activity, what?, really?, just because the deposit came to short... does that makes sense..FRAUD? ..Come on?!

They told me that all the deposits and withdrawals are fully automated.
So they can not take any action to stop the Deposits nor to stop or alter the withdrawals, but I know that is a lie.
In the Back-office of any money making website you can change everything accept the API to do their thing. But the API does do the Deposits automatically but not the withdrawals request the company have to approve that withdrawal request manually. However it will send the money to my Wallet (Company Wallet of GCI) and then the system see the deposits and confirming after 3 BlockChain confirmations on my WALLET!
But I can not see my wallet but the Company will only show the Dollars amount and not the BTC amount..

The money is in my back Office, it is RUNNING, it makes money and when I go to my Deposits Section it says that it is pending...that pending thing is what they do and they do can stop your withdrawals.
They can make the deposit active as an admin in their Back-office
and so it can run even though its a lower amount...
You can always talk about the issue to pay them back the difference ($1.35) and the interest i got from that $1.35

But all I hear is that they are not a charity company, they can not stop or change anything and that its an automated process..
that's just not true!!

A company should help their clients as specially when they invest in their company and to try solve the issue
When I told them that I send more more money ($2.00) to the same BTC address as I did with the last deposit then everything should be fine and the amount is a little more then it still can be activated..
But no that can not I have to deposit the same amount so that last investment can be activated...that is allot of BS, isn't it?
A Company that accepts BTC's they also need to implement a fluctuation level that the price can change while the deposit is in progress and /or the just add the BTC amount on the wallet in your back-office and then they just payout the BTC amount ...problem solved!

They are not legit because they are using the Registration CRD#/SEC# number, the Logo and even the physical address of GrowthCapitalServices Dot com its from Brian Dun.

Do not invest your hard earned money in this company they are just scamming you by asking a new deposit of the same amount that you already sent just to activate your 1st investment that came up short!

That's all "YOU KNOW WHAT"!
Just do your Due Diligent before you invest in this stealing peoples money company!


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