GTCFX and FXoffice stolen a lot of money from people


I am the Webmaster of
They cheated me and did not pay me my salary and the stolen all money from people who invested.
One of clients lose 62,000euro

GTCFX and FXoffice guys are located in Israel like all scam brokers.
I can give you all details about them.
I built this site for them so I know director of GTCFX and all partners and location of their office and also where they live.

Contact me at
If you still have control of the website, why not post the names and office addresses of the directors on the home page? I recommend against posting home addresses.
امل ان تضع عنواينهم
انا لي مبلغ ١٠٠٠٠ دولار
اشتركت عن طريق ليو انفست بلايس

ابي اصل لهم باي طريقة