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Dubai Public prosecution:cross complaints...all bulls***

Hi everyone,
a gtltrading representative,filed a pleading wherein he asserts that Gforex lent money to Gtltrading for reasons yet unknown.
Well,what do you know!This money,no longer exists.You don't say!...From what he said,it would be due to wrong investments.
It's crystal clear,these ones are all bulls*** and these guys must be dealt with by the law.
But I also have a question for Mr. Claudio Di of bankrupted Gforex: where the f*** did you get these scam artists named Gtltrading???...An unauthorized company, blacklisted by FINMA.


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GTLtrading: a giant jigsaw puzzle.Many companies,only one purpose...

GTL Tradeup Pty Ltd (Australia) -
GTL TRADING DMCC: ( EAU ) dissolved ?
GTL FOREX : (EAU) dissolved
GTL FINANCIAL GROUP : (Malta) dissolved
GTL COMMODITIES PVT. LTD. : (Pakistan) dissolved ?
GTL Trade Finance Inc. : (British Virgin Islands) -
Global Tradewaves AG : (Swiss) dissolved
Global Tradewaves Ltd : (Swiss) dissolved
Global Tradewaves SA : (Swiss) dissolved
GTL Financial AG : (Swiss) dissolved
GTL Financial Ltd : (Swiss) dissolved
GTL Financial SA : (Swiss) dissolved


Sounds like GTL's companies are water soluble and need to be kept out of the rain so they don't dissolve. :D


Written question:response

4/14974 : CAMERA - ITER ATTO

[google translate]

Response. - The Foreign Ministry is closely following the controversy involving the Italian company "Gforex" in Dubai.
The matter was brought to the attention of our embassy in Abu Dhabi, which has put in place appropriate steps with the local authorities to protect the interests of the 400 Italian investors involved. In particular, the Ambassador raised the case with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE and issued on 19 February 2012, a letter to the Minister of Economy, Al Mansouri, underlining the sensitivity of the issue and hoping that the litigation is resolved in a timely manner, while respecting the rights of citizens and Italians involved in the climate of trust that characterizes bilateral relations between Rome and Abu Dhabi. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to monitor developments on the issue and put in place all appropriate action on local authorities through the Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: Martha Dassù.


Riaz - gtl

Hello fellas,
a friend asked me to take a look in this dirty affair about GTL, and here are a few things you should need to know.
Mahmood Riaz- who is this mysterious Pakistan guy so beloved in the Emirates? He left Pakistan after several problems with justice (and leaving his brother and “partner” Masood Riaz in jail), between them he was linked to a company named “Dollar East” where he was one of the owners. Due to his several problems with justice in Pakistan, he landed in Dubai, where he was under the protection of his sponsor Ahmed al Darwish, partnership with him for the first of many “GTL's” Gtl Machinery.
Under the protection of this guy he started to make his business in Dubai, founding companies in Switzerland, Belize, BVI, Australia, United Kingdom and running all of them from his headquarters in the Emirates.
The number of scams he is carrying on from there is huge, in Switzerland using a HSBC account improperly with the protection of a guy Stephen Howarth who covered for him inside the Geneva Bank he did take money from his customers and… well send it elsewhere…
He travels a lot and moves his family to UK, where he pretends to have a job in a company named Roberts Support Service, just to have a fake salary and pay his mortgage and taxes.
In Gforex he seems to be taken by two guys Alessandro Spinardi and Marco Duquette, who were already kicked out from a Hedge Fund “Resolute Capital Growth”, soon to be dead without money. They started to work with him in Italy and then moved directly to Dubai.
In GTL DMCC we meet another guy Irfan Amanat, with his brother and his family (all well known to the courts of U.S.A.), he cooperates strictly with Mr. Riaz, and has an active role in GTL DMCC, where he has the role of CTO and attracts several customers.
What happened to most of those customers we already know.
When times started to get rough, the Amanat moved away and gained the ownership of Fyshe Horton Finney, historical company regulated by the FSA in the UK, while in Dubai they joined Spinardi and Duquette in a new project named Bridge DMCC, and they keep their cooperation with Riaz more “private”.
Nowadays Riaz is pushing a lot his Australian new venture, due to all the troubles he is having in Dubai. Gtl DMCC seems to work without a proper brokerage license, even if it seems still headquarters of the group, and for example is acting as Prime Broker for Hedge Funds like the one managed from Swiss company Capricorn in the Cayman Islands, who knows if all the money supposed to be AUM really is all there.

Soon to be updated.