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Based on the available evidence, do you believe that FantasyDreamTeam is guilty?

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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: Dear Team,
Unfortunately the vendor is a scammer - selling a product that doesn't work, by promising a refund and, the end of the day, denying the refund for all.
When I read the other people reports (see please: I see that the rude behavior is consistent same as the smooth talk before purchasing.
You will certainly do a very good service to your reader when you add this person to the place he deserve to: your blacklist.

I connected the EA in which I run the 2% Daily (losses) to where you can see on-line the EA performance.

Wish you the very best, Roni

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Roni, Israel on 01/26/11

The company was first contacted about the issue on 01/06/11 the last contact was on 01/28/11

Details: The vendor is using all tricks to gain time, hoping that the 60 days trial period will pass. Sending different setups as well as "NEW" versions.
All are improving the losing rate.
After I got 5 (yes 5) "new" versions, which by itself proving that the vendor admit that his EA doesn't deliver, I refused to take part in his QA (Quality Assurance) team and insisting on getting the promised refund.
At this point the vendor sent a rude declaration that "from now on he will stop supporting me and not send new versions..."
Needless to say that he didn't even think of a refund.
I do hope that you will save your reader form this scammer - once and for all.
Thank you, Roni

You ask to fill in the next windows the vendor name and email in one line only.
I want pay your attention that Mr. Scammer is presenting himself as "Richard Swaby" in all his correspondent.
At paypal he is registered, possibly, with his real name:
Richard Eddy, Tel. +44 033160842682

Company representatives' emails: Richard Swaby <>



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emails changed with the vendor

submitting 1st batch of evidences for all to see


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trade results report

kindly attached trade results report which was sent to the vendor


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Hello Dorong,

Have you already read the open and closed cases here:

Open Cases - Forex Peace Army Forum

This guy is a piece of work, he was responding for a while to our questions but seems to have quit communicating now. In those threads you will see some useful info about legal channels you may be able to take.



Hopefully you either used a credit card, or paypal, or plimus. All of these types of payment processors are very good at getting your money back to you in fraud cases. It is a bit of a pain in, but if you kept all your records, your will be able to get your money back and the seller will have to deal with the big corporation from then on.

Teodor Jackson

I can see the EA trades multiple pairs.
It it run on each one separately (with separate settings) or on just one chart?


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re Richard Swaby

This Richard Swaby or whatever his name is, is known to FPA. He appears to be an undesirable character and dishonest - A SCAMMER to me. Joh


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This Richard Swaby or whatever his name is, is known to FPA. He appears to be an undesirable character and dishonest - A SCAMMER to me. Joh

I am not sure why we are going through this case-by-case.

Once a vendor has been shown to be a scammer, that should be the end of the matter.

Swaby has proven himself to be a dirt-bag scammer.

End of story.

Will the evidence show otherwise?

Has Swaby actually ever done anything useful for his "subscribers"?


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Companies given the Scam label by the FPA usually don't reform in time and end up going out of business.

There are a few reasons for Traders Court cases...

Once a SCAM label is applied, it becomes very hard for the FPA to negotiate issues for individual traders. Court cases are easier for allowing the company to come back later and fix issues one at a time.

Once a case goes to a vote, it ends any stalling tactics that some companies like to use.

Since Court Cases don't carry the same sting as a scam finding, the standards for filing them and bringing them to a vote are lower.