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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I first came into contact with Samuel Sarullo after seeing his listing on eBay. The short story is, we have exchanged a number of telephone conversations and emails. He has outspokenly expressed his capability as a programmer and account manager. He has insisted that his proprietary software is quote, "a game changer in any tradable market." Quote, "we take care of our member clients, your money is safe with us" are his spoken words and proposed credo.

I was bated with promised expectations and voiced guarantees; they then proceeded to demolish two of my trading accounts as if they contained monopoly money. This was an investment of over eight thousand dollars with over two thousand in broker bonuses that are no more.

It is said that one cannot have opportunity without risk but I chose to be a trusting individual. Trust is preferable to suspicion because a man will receive in the measure that he shows others, we reap as we sow as it's said. I don't regret extending my trust, what I do regret is trusting him with so much money. A thousand would have been more than enough to prove value of his worth.

It is now obvious that he and his employees are not qualified traders. Had he not have a listing on eBay as well as personally offer guarantee against the loss of my funds I would not have allowed access to my accounts. Importantly, this trading service is based on proprietary coding and managed by Sarullo associates at I would not have allowed the use of these EAs had it been any different.

This experience has taught me the importance of caution and setting limits of acceptable loss. Even if it seems like the best of opportunities set a limit of total loss and walk if it cannot be adhered to. Be involved and watch every trade. Ask questions and get proper answers. Don't accept poor behavior, take you money and go.

There present intentions I do not know. They have neither called to express due concern or responsibility. Had it been the loss of five hundred or even a thousand dollars I would have likely let it go but to see the squander of over eight thousand is a bit much.

They grew my accounts by eight hundred dollars in the first trading session. After sending them the commission split they proceeded to empty my broker accounts within days. Where there was once assurances, guarantees and such outspoken bravado is now contrived deflective messages, threats and avoidance of responsibility. I sent him a document of grievances asking for my lost principle. The email response was, Quote: "We are don with you, you are barred from this service."

What I see is greed and entitlement. A manager’s first responsibility is to protect a client’s account. His concerned was only about generating a commission and was not interested in protecting my accounts. Even when he had the choice to stop the EAs rampage they chose to ignore the consequences to my accounts until they were zeroed. They felt entitled and I am now expendable.

Is there advantage in the destruction of client accounts, perhaps some tax related contrivance? There is acceptable risk and then there is willful indifference of consequences. Mr. Sarullo has taken much liberty with me and has no fear of consequences. I have found him to be manipulative and lacking in proper moral code. My comments are based on experience and observation. I wish to be proven wrong but doubt that he will honor his voiced agreements. I have attempted to reason with him without success. It is now well over ninety days without activity to resolve or recover the lost funds.

Is this an elaborate scheme to steal I don’t know. If he chooses to be honorable he will be honorable. If he has conspired to steal then he will steal. The proof is in actions not words.

There is more to share but we will start with the performance stats of my lost accounts. The following links are actual live data feeds from the MT4 platform.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by on 09/06/11

The company was first contacted about the issue on 05/23/11 the last contact was on 08/25/11

Details: Contrived deflective argument to avoid responsibility. Now the have notified
me that my account has been bared and email will been filtered from there

Note: All the related information is in my attached case filing. I presently have
seven but was only able to upload five at this time.

Christopher Alexander

Company representatives' emails: Samuel J Sarullo <>




Can you post some links to their ads on eBay? I'd like to see what they are saying there.


About Mr. Sarullo's eBay listing

Can you post some links to their ads on eBay? I'd like to see what they are saying there.
Sorry for the delay.

About Mr. Sarullo's eBay listing. Though I have a text copy of his websites I overlooked making a copy of his eBay listing.
As you might expect he has now removed his listing and is attempting to cover his tracks after finding out about
and this FPA online exposure.


Update: I have now found an old file screen capture copy of the original eBay listing.

Below is an (UPDATED) link to my recent search for the Sarullo listing.
The title of his listing was "MT4 Forex Stock Auto Trading System Expert Advisor"
The item Id #: 280600830207

NEW Link:

Note: Much of the content of his website was a part of his eBay listing. Note the Sarullo's had two websites that I knew of.
I can post my copy (text content) of both of his sites if anyone wishes to see it.
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The Digital Burning of Money

The following are links to screen capture images. The images present a visual display of all the lost trades produced
by S&M Sarullo Partnership. I appropriately call the images the digital burning of money.

Account A: Sarullo-LostTradesAccount72519.jpg
Account B: Sarullo-LostTradesAccount69175.jpg

When expressing concern the reply was everything will be OK. We have corrected the (operating)issue, all trades are
now fully hedged, the EA will re-grow the account.

Well of-course, isn't my principle guaranteed.
(Actual spoken quote heard in conversation: There is nothing to worry about, I guarantee it, "there is no risk".)

Of-course, he's a (self proclaimed) expert programmer. He's*a conscionable person, so
why should I doubt him, so why should I be worried?


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I am disappointed to find that Sam Sarullo does not seem to be interested in having this case be mediated by the FPA or in addressing the issue in the forums.

Sam wrote...
We don't answer or respond to post on any forums. We all know what people post is not always true and we do not get drawn into those comments.
By The Way, As Host, You Are Responsible for any False or Legally Libel information on YOUR WEBSITE should anyone wish to contest Your Posts in a Civil / Criminal Legal Forum while seeking damages. Your counsel would be a source to seek out on legal matters.
This is completely incorrect. If it were true, then no forum or review site could allow any negative comments. Amazon would need to put an end to user reviews of products.

The invitation to participate in email mediation or to post a rebuttal of some sort in the forums has been sent to Sam again. The next move is his. If he doesn't respond, then this goes to a vote in one week.


'We all know what people post is not always true and we do not get drawn into those comments' - wow, such a fantastic answer.


Another one bites the dust

Wow, that company is without a doubt a scam operation but what due diligence did you do before linking up with them? By the way, I have gotten scammed for a lot more than that so take it as an $8,000 lesson and learn to trade your own money, please! It will save you in the long run.:mad: