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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: Sorry for the translation!

4 November 2011. I opened a real account with FOREX MMCIS group. The company chose to numerous positive reviews on the Internet. And such conditions as guarantees reliable European bank, the interbank market output, Automatic Quotation accrued on the balance of 12%. And I chose FOREX MMCIS group. But I was mistaken in the choice.

November 6, I moved to your account number 1059124 in the company, $ 200 VISA card and received a 50% bonus on deposit at the company's shares.

November 8 2011 - January 16, 2012. transactions carried out in the MT4 trading platform.

1 December 2011. I decided to draw attention to paragraphs of the contract FOREX MMCIS group 5.8 and 5.9 (on December 1, 2011 these items were 5.9-5.10) and sent an email to customer support FOREX MMCIS group. Warnings have not received.
Translation: Please check my account 1059124 for the presence of violations of trade, p 5.9-5.10 Contract. Ð￾ow much I still need to do Exactly the right deal? as well asp.6.2-6.3.
Thank you!

So I thought it met the conditions of contract for items 5.8 and 5.9, continued to work. On December 1 the conditions of the contract I had made.

10 December 2011. I have made on your account even $ 100, via Webmoney. As a result, during the period of work with FOREX MMCIS group, I made $ 300.

At the time of 16 January 2012. at my disposal was the sum of $ 8019.44 (available to the withdrawal).

16 January 2012. I made an order for the conclusion of the profits from his account of $ 4000.
Translation: Hello, Dmitry!
You have ordered the withdrawal of funds via WebMoney, with the following details:
Amount in USD: $ 4000
Number of purse: Z350224935296

The payment was not made

20 January 2012. I received a letter from the Security Service FOREX MMCIS group about locking my account, and return the initial deposit. Account has been blocked
In this letter, the contract specified item 3.1. under which blocked my account. Specific reasons, I did not call. Also, in this letter I was asked to write an application to appeal the decision to the President of FOREX MMCIS group Mitchell Nunis.

I wrote a statement, but its solution is not canceled. Profit is not paid. And charged with violation of the contract items 5.8-5.9
From the history of my trade show that I have not breached the contract.
I paid only $ 405. 7614.44$ must remain

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by ivdim, Minsk, Belarus on 07/25/12

The company was first contacted about the issue on 01/30/12 the last contact was on 03/26/12

Details: The correspondence consists of a set of letters. They are referred to paragraph 3.1 the agreement.

Some excerpts from letters:

Security Service March 23

Hello, Dmitry

On your account have been identified trade practices actually
falling under the scalping, you obviously numerous positions
small volume, trying to reduce the percentage of scalping trades
less than 30% in order to fall under the rules that you have successfully turned out, when
in fact you broke it ...
Moreover You wrote to us that violated the contract and did much
scalping trades, but later corrected the situation.

The methods were evaluated as such those that fall under the definition for
of 3.1. - Breach of contract, the deposit was returned to you
+ 35% on top.

That we are very rare, usually people do,
who intentionally want to break the treaty, which
multiplied by 35 times so that their transactions do not pass the counterparty, and he had them
cancel - we can not cover the difference at their own expense, so we have registered in the
Contract items which each client visited before
working with us and agreed with them!

In fact, you are going to violate the contract, and were aware of our shortcomings and
used them, then to go on the forums that you did not wait for the official decision.
Counterparty to us to apply 3.1. and we apply it to you, we do not discuss

I wrote: March 25
What a scalper I am? Order: 20 minutes from one hour to several hours or evendays kept open. Once an hour, the price of a few tens of waves formed on theminute time frame. Profits from these transactions in a few cents or a couple ofbucks on the order of magnitude smaller, the results for other transactions. What is the meaning of such a dull scalping?
All of your fantasies!

Name this period, with the positions of a small volume. basic lot size of 0.05. and hewas the main period of the entire trade.
All of your fantasies!

Another 1 December 2011. You can lock the account or to prevent violations.During this period, from November 8 to December 1, 2011. most of all has been done pipsing transactions, but the balance of these transactions was 26%. Рrofit from deals pipsing about $ 46 for a general balance in 1059 $. What kind ofbuilding up a deposit pipsing then can there be?? No comparable figures!

Security Service March 23

In order to protect companies against such risks exist in our contract
Section 3.1., which the company has the right to use, without explanation of reasons for a client of such a decision:
"Company" MMCIS "reserves the right to unilaterally without disclosing the reasons to break the agreement or contract as a whole."
Our relationship is built solely on the agreement accepted by you and your decision to apply to 3.1. is absolutely legitimate and legally justified,
with what you agreed to when opening an account.

As for the logic of this decision for you:
In the analysis of your accounts have been identified actions that violate paragraph 5.9 of the current contract, under which our contractor refused to pay us the money
the majority of your orders.

and so on bla, bla, bla!!

Company representatives' emails: Svetlana Kravchenko <>
name is not known <>
name is not known <>




I want to draw attention to the double standard of MMCIS. This account is managed by a managing trader. Note the amount of Scalping trades. Breach of contract MMCIS h.5.8-5.9 But this account is not locked. My account was canceled for lesser violations. I have not even broken the covenant, my trade corresponds to the conditions of the contract p.5.8-5.9.


Ay ay ay, I am not clear what exactly is the issue, will need to read it once more to catch the REAL issue at hand.


Ay ay ay, I am not clear what exactly is the issue, will need to read it once more to catch the REAL issue at hand.
The company has canceled my account for two months of work, accusing him of breach of contract p.5.8.
This is my story of trade (Statement), marked with red deal less than 10 points. Prohibited transactions 19% profit from them $ 96. And they canceled all arrived at 7600 $.!

This is a private room with my first application, but the application was not completed.
From $ 8019.44 they refunded my deposit $ 300 and gave unclear what else $ 105.
8019.44-300-105 = 7614.44 they had not paid


Sergeant Major
Hi Ivdim, My goodness i admire you fighting your 'case' - struggling with a foreign language- whilst (if i understand you correctly) forex blames you for having violated their rules and refuses to pay out your money. Sigh!!! Man this sounds so hard and difficult and i am very glad you brought this to FPA and all it tens of thousands of members and more tens of thousands that visit FPA and made us all aware of what is going on and who and what this forex stands for and how they operate.

I hope sincerely FPA is able to helps you to sort this out this mess and that forex mmcis. com come to their senses and realize they are being scrutinized by give or take a hundred thousand traders -this is not good publicity for them -thank you Ivdim for informing us all and good luck mate.


Cancelling individual trades that violate the trading terms is acceptable. Cancelling all other profitable trades is plain and simple theft.