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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: UFXMarkets held my money, every time I want to withdraw money from my account, I got a message that it has to be through my account manager, I tried to call my account manager many times he never answered, I sent him many mails he never replay back.
UFXmarkets scammed me in different ways :
1- They never send me the E-book I asked for to learn the Forex trade
2- The never try to teach me how trade
3- They promised to give a bonus (30 to 50%) but they never did
4- they said they are there for 24 hours support but they were never been there when needed
5- they used to withdraw money from my credit cards without my permission
6- They opened some unsuccessful trades without my permission
7- They held my money and did not let me deposit it back to my credit cards
8- Try to contact them by phone, I was always directed to an extension where no one answer or to my account manager will call me back
9- My account manager never answered my mail when I needed his advise for important trade or when asking him to unlock my account to send money back to my cards
10- Have sent 2 dispute cases to my HSBC bank in Middle East & MBNA bank in Canada

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Saleh on 10/07/12

The company was first contacted about the issue on 09/24/12 the last contact was on 10/07/12

Details: The only time I manage to get in touch with my account manager, he told me he did the transaction of 5000 USD back to my card, I have checked, the money is not there, he never gave me full control on my money even that they did not give me any bonus as they promised

Company representatives' emails: Aiman Basion <>



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This is well covered in the public discussion thread. I hope you have already contacted your credit card issuer and Cysec.

My vote is to contact UFX immediately and invite them to resolve the problem.


Two guilty cases in Traders Court so far. I wonder if UFX is smart enough to understand the likely consequences if this one ends up with a guilty vote.


this is the same happened to me as well. Then 4 months later they paid some amount from my account. they are cheaters not traders don't trust them please. If you want we can put a case against them together in fpa and cypress as well. Act quick, HSBC bank they won't do anything they will credit money into your account when you make complaint then later they will say they can't do anything and debit the money. I think we can complaint against hsbc bank to the ombudsman because bank should monitor their customers money. Anyway I can very well understand your stress in this regard. I am with you and you will get after some time.


Hi Ali Barber
Why have these crooks got control of your credit card?
Did you give them permission to withdraw funds?
If not then your bank must refund you......which they wont do.
Buy everything possible on your card for a month and run up a big account.
Then refuse to pay until your funds are returned.


Sergeant Major
Alisaleh -this does not sound good at all to me -they act incorrect, actually it sounds like a scam to me as if you smell a rat there is probably a rat. I hope these people understand that these emails go out to 50.000 FPA forex members or more and the sooner they pay you the better it is for them - thanks for letting us know -i personally will not touch them with a barge pole - good luck


There is no need to hear from UFX representatives. They are big cheaters I know very well. Once you register to open a demo account with them, you will receive lots of phone calls from such type of brokers. I had registered for a demo from Bforex and every third day they started calling me. I had also registered for a demo with Dukascopy. But they never call me unless they feel it is required. Just be aware with such brokers. UFX also called me at least 7 times each month. UFX is guilty.