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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: 9 weeks ago today I asked to withdraw my $57,100 from this broker. They have not sent my money.

I have fully looked into this company and my findings are this:

They have 4 registered companies:

1. Universal Investments GMbH - Blacklisted by FINMA in Switzerland (closed)
2. Universal Investments - Registered in the BVI but not licensed to Trade FX (confirmed with the
3. Universal Investments - Registered in London but not licensed by the FSA in the UK
4. Satellite company - Universal Investments in Switzerland as a satellite company to the London company.

There are 2 owners Fabian & Dominic. They are swiss residents.

I have called them dozens of times only to get their front man - Vladimir (who knows nothing or claims to) always says they are not in.

Originally I funded them from my US Broker ILQ with a broker to broker transfer. (No problem for them to receive the money)
This is the account!

Then I asked to send my money to my personal bank in California - they said we dont want to sent to a US bank. So then I asked to send that money back to where it came from (ILQ) - they said no problem.

its been 9 weeks. I have been in close contact with ILQ and their bank Citibank to located any missing money from Universal - no trace of it anywhere.

I have asked Universal to prove they sent the money with a Wire Trace - they have not provided that and continue to give me the run around.

They have told me that if I report it to the FPA they will make legal action against me.

So now I have had enough and exposing the facts about and any institution that does business with these 2 very young men will soon stop.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by NickNick on 08/20/12

The company was first contacted about the issue on 07/30/12 the last contact was on 10/08/12

Details: Owners: Devcic, Dominik Daniel, von Hofstetterstrasse 3 / 8154 Oberglatt ZH 079'555'13'08
Devcic, Dominik <> | ddevcic (skype)

Owners: Gaspar, Fabian, von Gerenstrasse 3 Dietlikon 8305 +41 (0) 44 830 09 90
+41 (0)44 515 57 70 | universal.fx1 (skype)

from them:
Hi Nick,

I heard from some clients and partners that you speak bad about Universal FX. This is against any law and our terms & conditions. Please stop this, we will forward any communication from you against our company to our lawyers and district court of Bülach.

We are a serious company and we don’t do this type of business like you think.

Universal FX already offered you some other ways how we can move forward on this. But instead of moving forward, you write around that we don’t pay you out?

So please remove your posts and bad rumors about Universal FX, then we can send you the money again (to your personal bank account and not ILQ!) if you sign that you maybe need to return the funds when we find the lost money.

So we give you different possibility how we can find a solution on this. I am sorry to hear these things from you, especially because I setup everything with FCStone and First Derivatives for you ...

Best Regards,

Fabian Gaspar
Head of FX

Company representatives' emails: Fabian <>



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Brigadier General
It's against their terms and conditions for you to say bad things about them, even true bad things. LMAO!

I've already given some advice in your public thread.

Hey AsstMod, could you please contact Universal Fx and invite them in to the public thread?


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
This case was being held back for confidentiality reasons. Now it's going to open cases.


Customer satisfaction never give any company a bad name!

This case was being held back for confidentiality reasons. Now it's going to open cases.
Good day to u sir,Why cant Universal fx pay up their client and stop worrying about bad names. I am sure customer satisfaction never give any company a bad name! Pls what are various conditions offered by Universalfx for paying this affected client? Their reply mail is not realy addressing this.


Brigadier General
Personally, the long list of excuses offered by Universal Fx makes me very suspicious that they are just trying to see how many clients will give up trying to get their money.


Sergeant Major
This universal fx .com seem like a scam to me - oh man they eat the cake - people/clients are not allowed to say anything bad about them even the true bad things you have got to be kidding - controlling people like that make me sick -thank you FPA for showing them up for who they are - hopefully the tens and tens of thousands who read this give these jokers a miss - good riddance.


This is absolutely not related to this case. It is a question about when does witholding funds become a crime rather than a civil matter.


Private, 1st Class
I just find it laughable when they say they cannot deal with his bank or refer to his funds as "lost". When did they lose it?! Just ridiculous. Another scam company it seems.


Seems somewhat strange that money is flowing one way very easily and not the other!!! Specially when we are talking of $57,000 + coming out. Not a small sum!! Lost? Tells you how the business is run.