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lloyd macalalad

Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: Robustfx cheated me and take all my profit and my $2,000 deposit. when i saw their website, they offer a 100% bonus and a very low 0.5 fixed spread and a very low $3 commission . Any new trader like me who wants to earn in forex cannot resist their offer. I keep asking them if it is really fixed spread and my account manager mr. Luke patel keeps assuring me that it is fixed. he even send me an email of all our agreement and that i can also withdraw my deposit if i am not happy with their service. And he even send me an email of our agreement. So i open an initial deposit of $1000 on the last week of january 2013 and another $1,000 on the first week of february as agreed upon. so my $2,000 become $4,000 because of 100% bonus. but on my first week of trading they change the spread to 0.7 and the commission to $5 which is not on our agreement. And the next thing becomes more worse, my metatrader becomes inexecutable, i cannot execute my orders, i cannot close my open position and i cannot open a new trade. And this happens many many times. And when i ask them about it. They say their liquidity provider is performing a weekly audit. And so i let it pass. But the next week my account is activated and when i enter a new trade for the week my account freezes again and never activated for the whole week which means i cannot trade for the whole week. This goes on for a month until the worst happen. They accused me that i am not a newbie because i had a lucky win. And then just terminate my account. They just taken away my $ 779.74 to be exact profit and charge my account another $240. To my disgust and dissappointment i said i just want to withdraw my remaining balance of $1720. they agreed and send me the account closure form that i need to fill up and notarized. and so I send all their requirement in order to refund back my money. But since february up to now they didn't refund my money back and they never reply to my emails anymore. Even though i told them that i will report them to the forex peace army they never even bother. So now after months of waiting for my money i decided to file a case and report them so that they will not continue fooling new traders who gave their trust to them. I have given them so much time to give me back my hard earned money but they ignore my emails. I hope you can help me deal with them.

Please help me get my money back from robustfx!!! They keep ignoring my emails. My father just died and that's the only money he left us and because of enticing offer i deposit all of it $2000 to robustfx. But they trick me and stole my profit of $779.74 and then my $2000 deposit which they promise to return, they never return it even though i send all the requirements they ask for the refund. They don't even respect the death of my father. They don't give me back my money when my family need it most. I hope fpa will do something about it and help me get my money back. Thanks fpa and more power to you.

Please help.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by LLOYD MACALALAD on 05/27/13

The company was first contacted about the issue on 02/18/13 the last contact was on 05/25/13


Company representatives' emails: Luke Patel<>



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lloyd macalalad

yes but they just ignore it. what do we do now? they may be laughing at me right now because FPA cannot do something about it. the case isn't moving. sorry for opening new thread because i think my post is being ignored. i want this case to move so that they stop doing this to people.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
On the 10th, they sent me this...

The issue will be resolved directly between our company and the client. No Third party will be involved. Thank you very much for your concern.

Have they communicated with you since then?


See if you can find the white label provider behind this company. Maybe you can put pressure on them to drop these clowns for fraud.