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Chris To

Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: ForexCT block my account from 6 March. They do not allow me to do any activities in my account including withdrawal money. They hold all of my money now.

I kept depositing money to my account. Here are the details:
DEC 2013: US92000
JAN 2014: US15000
FEB 2014: US73000

I kept losing money with total USD120K from Dec to Feb. I only made one trade on March and won around USD48K but suddenly they blocked my account on the next day.

They sent me an e-mail that they have to investigate my account for 30 business days. And they didn’t provide any evidences support for investigation. I asked for my statements but they didn’t reply or answer any of my requests.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Chris To on 04/04/14

The company was first contacted about the issue on 03/06/14 the last contact was on 04/04/14

Details: We refer to your trading account with Forex Capital Trading Ltd (“ForexCT”).

This letter is written notification to you that we are investigating a number of irregularities that are linked to your trading account. Accordingly, your trading account has been disabled pending a determination of the investigation.

In the meantime, you will not be permitted to conduct any activity on your trading account including opening any trades, depositing funds or withdrawing funds. We anticipate that our lawyers will take at least 30 business days to conduct this investigation.

ForexCT reserves its rights to take any and all legal action where necessary, including reporting any criminal activities to the relevant authorities.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Yours faithfully

Compliance Department

Company representatives' emails: Compliance <>
Kevin Wang <>
Accounts <>



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Who was placing the trades? You or an account manager?

if an account manager was placing the trades, was this person an employee of ForexCT?

Bill Tyson

Sorry forget to add
Forex Capital Trading Pty Ltd (“ForexCT”) is registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) (#306400).
Contact us
phone numbers
Australian Desk
Phone 1 800 367 392
Fax 1 800 068 022

International Number
Phone +613 9866 5332
Fax +613 9866 7057

send an email
General information
Customer Service
Technical Support
Accounts Department

Postal Address
Forex Capital Trading PO Box 7509, St Klida Rd, Melbourne, Victoria 3004 Australia
Hope this helps


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"Investigating Unusual Transactions on the account"

It looks to me that they just see the transaction history as unusual and have put the account on hold to investigate possible money laundering? Are there also regular withdrawals from the account that has been frozen?
They have no reason to suspend the account and keep the money while they are making money and the client keeps making regular deposits so I do see it as a genuine investigation at this stage.