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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: View my forum post

I have requested a full withdrawal on my 4runner forex account on the 1st of june and it is still not processed.
- I have opened several tickets requesting information on the status of the withdrawal. The tickets where ignored until I chatted with their helpdesk operators. The helpdesk operator told me that they were going to raise the priority on the issue at their accounting department. My ticket was reopened, a reply was added by an admin saying that I should have some patience. But again, nothing happened afterwards for the next two weeks.
- I replyd to the ticket, but it was again ignored, so I went back to helpdesk (11 july). Another operator told me again that the priority would be raised and that I could send an email to the accounting department myself. The operator would not provide me any Phone number to the accounting department or give me someone in charge to speak to. They also failed to disclose any information on the procedure to file legal charges against the firm.
- I sent an email to the accounting department yesterday, I'm still waiting for a reply. I am now fully convinced that they will not process my request without some external/legal intervention. Edit 16 july: no replys received.

In attachment (note: attachments in zip file)
- 4Runner Forex - Metatrader Balance --> a screenshot of my 4runner forex metatatrader live account. Shows valid login date (12 july) + balance
- 4Runne Forex - Ticket Service (main email address).png + 4Runner Forex - Ticket Service (second email address) --> Shows screenshots of some tickets. The "second email address" is not directly linked to my account. The reply on the main address ticket on 27/06 occured after my first conversation with the help desk.
- 4Runner Forex - Helpdesk Chat 11 July 2014 (2nd chat).png --> I logged a large part of the conversation that I had with the help desk (11 July). At the end the chat started to glitch and I lost some messages. Order of the screens is from left to right, top to bottom.
- 4Runner Forex - Mail to accounting department.png --> The mail that I sent to the accounting department (11 July). It also shows the initial confirmation that they received my withdraw request, first of june. I am still waiting for a reply.
- 4Runner Forex - NFACS Complaint.png --> I sent an email to the NFACS asking them if 4runner forex is regulated with them. According to the 4runner website they are regulated by this organisation. (However, I have just read a review on this website that states that they are not regulated and just lied about it.) EDIT: this file is not attached since I can only upload 5 files per post.

Update 14th of July:
I just called their office number which was just another "help desk". The first time I called and mentioned my name and said the word "withdrawal" they just hung up on me.
The second time I called, their story was exactly the same as before.. they were going to raise the issue at their accounting department... They can only be contacted through the emailaddress that gives no reply.. etc. They have no legal office and their managers can not be contacted. I told them my next replys were going to be through legal agents and police.

At one point, the operator even had the audacity to tell me "Just mail our accounting department.. we are working in circles here" when I didnt back off. When treatening legal action she didnt seem to care: "Yeah, you do that". They just hung up on me.

Update 15 July: I just called the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Nevis Branch (The helpdesk operator from fsxystems told me that they were regulated there). I asked about fxsystems ltd and they told me that the company was indeed registered in their country. I said that I wanted to file a complaint against the company and then they said "hold on".. I got a beeping tone and nothing happened. When I called back the line was rerouted.. to myself. I heard myself talking as an echo in the Phone :s The other so called regulatory commission on their website has not replied back; Pretty sure it is also a scam. They do not have a Phone address listed.

I made the deposit around march 2012. I remember that they sent me their bank account details but the transfer did not go through so eventually I believe I used a credit card to make the deposit; I still have the bank account details that they sent me and will investigate if legal authorities can use this information to track them down. I also have some old messages of them giving me IP addresses (to test my latency from my vps). They told me that that their servers were hosted in the famous NY equinex data centers. EDIT 16 july: Relevant messages with bank account details and server data in attachment zip.
View "BankAccount - Part 1.png" for bank details and "IP Address - Part 2.png" for IP-address stuff.

Update 16th of July: I just called the nevice police department. They werent really helpful and told me to contact the bank. I have no idea if the bank can help since I used my card to make the transfer more than two years ago.

Some extra info:
The company can be contacted by Phone at their so called helpdesk:
+44 20 3300 0115

live webchat on website: (click on live help for chat)

Fake regulation:
4RunnerForex is Regulated by NFACS,
Registration number 648701

Email addresses: (no reply address)

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by QuantFX on 07/12/14

The company was first contacted about the issue on 06/01/14 the last contact was on 07/14/14

Details: I have explained communication with the company under the "Please explain your case providing as many details about your case as possible (300 symbols minimum): " header.

Company representatives' emails: Accounting <>
Accounting2 <>



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The Nevis FSRC is a real thing, but they aren't that great of a regulator. Still, I recommend trying to give them another call in addition to sending them an email.

Yo AsstMod! Can you try to get a case number and a formal invitation issued soon?
I posted an update for 17 July in the scam alert folder thread.
Contacted the Nevis FSRC through mail again. However, according to their website: "The public is hereby informed that FX SYSTEMS LTD and its affiliates are not and were never licensed or regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Nevis Branch to carry on investment business in or from within the Jurisdiction."
According to the 4runner website: "4RunnerForex is Regulated by NFACS, National Forex Accreditation Coalistion Safeguard

Registration number 648701"
I have filed a claim on their website and contacted all available mailaddresses (again). Still have no replys from last time.

I will call the Nevis FSRC again tomorrow. Will also try to get in touch with my bank.
Case number assigned and invitation issued. Someone please post here to remind me to promote this to Open Cases if there's no response in a couple of days.
Case number assigned and invitation issued. Someone please post here to remind me to promote this to Open Cases if there's no response in a couple of days.

Pharaoh, AsstModerator,
Thanks for the help.

Haven't heard anything back from the regulators in the meantime. I'm also pretty sure that the NFACS is not a real organisation.
Has there been any contact between the FPA and FXSystems ltd in the meantime? Or are they just ignoring all messages?
There is never and excuse to delay a withdrawal unless you are in trades

When I see cases like this, I am so grateful to be with a broker who can get funds to my account on the day day as my request providing I request it before midday. No broker has any excuse whatsoever to withhold your money unless you are using margin by being in a trade.