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Based on the available evidence, do you believe 4runnerforex / is guilty?

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FxSystems and their subsidiaries seem to be shifting to deposit only mode.

If you look at their websites you can pretty much tell they are a low end operation. At the same time I looked at some of the sites that FXSystems promotes and they are just as shady. I am not saying that just by having a high end site the company is not a scam operation but this looks like a high school computer design class student threw this together in a hurry just to get the assignment done. Their Loyal Forex site looks very strange and seems to be a play on the Loyal Bank Loyex trading model. I am sure with their domain name they will get hits from people searching for Loyal Bank's forex offer. It is very good to see that FPA has taken the time to help the forex trading community shed light on rogue forex brokers. I hope you can recover some of if not all of your funds.
Looking at their website, under "contact us" - this "fxsystems, or 4runnerforex" appears to be part of a multinational crime syndicate. This "regulated by" is a bad joke probably created by this same crime organization. Any so called broker that does not legitimately process a withdrawal request in a timely manner is guilty of committing FRAUD and deception. Sooner or later all these scammers will be brought to justice.
The verdict came back as guilty. FxSystems and all brokers known to belong to it have just been marked as scams. A formal FPA Scam Finding will be issued soon.
I have tried to warn you regarding this broker! They had a very high probability of FRAUD, all over the place. I would like to remind all of you regarding their "regulators", that they are the "same" as FMRRC's website!

This is a very big scam happening all over the world in relation to non Regulated companies. I believe that its a very bad sign that no one is able to check them and do something about it as it is a decease that can is been spread all over, with people losing their savings.

I am again attaching the screenshot showing the similarities of the two "regulators" of and

This needs to be stopped and legal action needs to be taken!!!


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FMRRC is a BS regulation, it has no meaning or porpuse.

I think people should be warn of any FMRRC regulated only companies