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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: For the first time in the business, an FSP licensed broker offering 30 seconds trades (they call it gold options) claims abuse. ODMARKETS offers 30 seconds Gold Options. As usual, options close at a predefined time, however the difference here is the profit isn't predefined. It means that on a market run of 100 pips, you can win or loose 100 pips and you can do nothing about it. Yet, after being extremely successful, they claimed abuse based on their terms and conditions. Funny thing is, their terms and conditions do not have anything to say about that. I leave you with the verified statement FSP and NZ authorities have been contacted didn't reply for over a month leaving me no choice but to file an FPA case.
P.S: I had a forex account with them with nice results too but not that formidable, since gold is a true runner. That one is disabled also after 35 days of trading and claimed to be abuse. Please check attachment email1.pdf to see that they have reviewed the account and then emailed me that I can trade normally, only to disable it again and send me the email in the attachment email2.pdf.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Amin El Hakim on 05/06/15

The company was first contacted about the issue on 03/19/15 the last contact was on 05/06/15

Details: Hi Amin,

First and foremost, sorry for getting back late to your email as our support was discussing your case with our operation and legal team.

In regards to email reply by support, I like to correct the statement that your withdrawal request to Neteller amount of 500USD is indeed your initial deposit.

After thoroughly reviewing both of your trading account - forex and gold option, we regret to inform you that have violated our terms and condition as written in customer agreement form.

Therefore, we will be return your initial deposit, all profit gained through this period will be revoked and your MT4 account will be disabled permanently.

Since we processed withdrawal of 500USD on 18 March, we will consider that as initial deposit funds return back to you.

Please be duly informed.

Company representatives' emails: ODMarkets Support <>
ODMarkets Finance <>



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Attached are saved pages from odmarkets website in case they decide any last minute changes


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Go ahead and invite them to your Scam Alerts thread.

Did that when I filed the case. Thanks Pharaoh. The weird thing is that the NZ regulator never bothered to answer for a whole month, which raises serious alerts about NZ regulation.


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Did you file with the main regulator as well as the dispute resolution scheme?

I contacted FSP with no replies at all. I emailed them asking what's keeping a broker from changing their terms and conditions after the claim was filed. And once I filed the FPA case, I contacted the broker via the official contact form following the procedures mentioned on the FSPR website and I need to wait 30 days for the broker to respond.


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I found this on Search Summary Company FSP

General details
FSP number:
Registration date:
FSP status:
Trading names:
Business Address:
Level 4, 228 Queen Street Auckland
Annual confirmation filing Month:

Dispute resolution scheme
Name of scheme:
Insurance & Savings Ombudsman Scheme
Level 11, 15-17 Murphy Street, Wellington 6011
Home - Ombudsman

History of changes
Change type
Updated on
Companies Refresh (NZ Entity)
31/03/2015 05:02:34
Maintain FSP (NZ Entity)
29/11/2014 21:25:43
Change Request to FSP (NZ Entity)
08/10/2014 20:42:18
Initiate De-Registration
07/10/2014 03:33:17
Register FSP (NZ Entity)
19/09/2014 16:59:08


They dont seem to have replied yet...

Why is it the regulators who are paid a lot of money to regulate, take retail clients complaints so lightly whereas FPA who do not have this take it so seriously, Id like to see FPA made regulators, then things might actually get done in the world! :)

Ill wait a bit longer, if they still dont reply im leaning towards guilty....