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M Teixe

Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I opened an account with Sunbirdfx about a year ago. I was offered many bonuses over the period but did not take any of them.
On 18th May 2015 I filled out a withdrawal request form and tried to get hold of them to verify details I had filled in and if it was correct. My account manager Jordan Mitty contacted me and tried to persuade me to carry on trading, I told him the reasons why I was withdrawing my funds as I need the funds for something else which should be irrelevant for him to know. He asked that I send him an email with my reasons, not sure why but I did and he said he would respond with the answer on the question I had about the details on my withdrawal form. Since then I have not had any response from him and when I try and contact them on their chat line I get told that they will get my account manager to contact me, I am still waiting for him.
I have sent follow up emails on 21 May, 28 May & 2 Jun directly to my account manager but get no response.
The only call I have received was on 22 May from someone at YouTradeFX saying that they have bought SunbirdFX and will be dealing with the withdrawal but can't repay my money until SunbirdFX pay the money to them and had no timelines as to when this will be done.
After this date (22 May) I got someone on the chat line who said my withdrawal was in process, but I can't get any further info or contact from anyone

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by M Teixe on 06/02/15

The company was first contacted about the issue on 05/21/15 the last contact was on 06/02/15

Details: I have had no reply to any of my emails to the company. I try and contact them regularly on their chat line, but I only get told that they will forward my query to my account manager. I have not had any response from him. The only contact I got was from someone saying they are from YouTradeFX and they have bought Sunbirdfx and will be dealing with my withdrawal but can't pay me until Sunbirdfx pays them the money. I have raised this on SunbirdfX chat line but they do not confirm this

Company representatives' emails: Jordan Mitty <>
Amir Brown <>



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I have sent emails to info, support and Jordan Mitty (JordanM) @sunbirdfx to join in the scam alerts folder
M Teixe--If you asked for your $10K back the dealer should have returned it promptly, and if he didn't he is GUILTY. Good luck!--feaisland55
They are not reliable and will make you go round and round. Good that you have filed a complaint against them here. I managed to get my money back this way but it did take me some 3 months or so after filing the complaint. They will try to persuade you to recover some of your loses by channeling your money to a managed account by a successful trader. Don't...