GUILTY Case# 2015-138 | ibramus vs BELFORFX.COM

Based on the available evidence, do you believe that BelforFx is Guilty?

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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against: www.BELFORFX.COM

My Case is: i made 14000 lots of trades in 3 days in belfor. i made a profit 18.000 and they gained 28.000 commission which means they earned much more than me. then i called them to lower my commission rate. they said if i do 30000lots next week they will do a %30 decrease in commission rate. next monday i started trading and saw that the system was changed and doing 5 6 pips spread at each trade. then i called them that their system was changed and is not suitable for my trade system. they said they will fix it. then they said there is nothing wrong with their system. then i decided to withdraw because i couldnt trade in the new system due to slippage. they tried to convinced me a few days to continue trading because they made 28000 commission from me previous week. but i insisted on withdrawing. now is the funny part. they told me that we have agreement that i will do 30000 lots of trade that week. If I dont agree to do so they will close my account:) i refused that. then they sent me my deposit 1000 dollars back and closed my account and my profit 18000 fly away:) definitely keep away from belfor

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by SABRI ILKER IBRAM on 06/18/15

The company was first contacted about the issue on 06/17/15 the last contact was on 08/14/15

Details: they are real thieves. they try to convince you to invest and trade and than they steal from you.

Company representatives' emails: Herbert Fletcher <>




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Go ahead and invite them to your thread in the Scam Alerts folder. Post an update in that thread and here when you've done that.


Sounds like a real Bucket shop forcing clients to trade excessively with no intention of paying out. You were lucky to get out with your deposit. Guilty!


How can the commission be higher than the profits? This is one of the worst cases of system manipulation I have ever seen. No matter how many winning trades you had, they were stealing most of your profits anyway. They even did not have the decency to send you what's left over and decided to take it all together.

We have a real group of scammers here.


In addition they are deregistered now and they are not paying back the deposits also.(my friend has an account and they dont pay the deposit back). FCSL newzealand says BELFOR is deregistered so they cant help. That is unbelievable because at the time i deposited and made trades BELFOR was registered. We have to be careful also for the registered companies. FCSL is no better than CYSEC