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Charles Dlamini

Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I have been trading with this broker for over 11 months now and besides having to be called to invest more all the time I have finally seen them for exactly who they are. Since the 25 of August I have been requesting to withdraw funds from my account to no avail. The broker that has been claiming to be my broker here a guy called Mike Baker or Jake Grove if those are even his real names, keeps on cancelling my withdrawal requests. This guy not only is he refusing me withdrawal he has lost me more than 80 percent of the account and on top of that he is currently trying to convince me to keep trading to make more.

I am sure it will make him happy for me to lose my money than to have me withdraw it. Is there any assistance I can get to have what is rightfully mine final released???

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Charles Dlamini on 03/09/15

The company was first contacted about the issue on 08/25/15 the last contact was on 09/03/15

Details: The support team has never responded to my request to intervene.

The Mike Baker guy keeps on saying:

charles Dlamini <>

Aug 26 (8 days ago)

to Jake
Hi Mike
I trust that you are well. I am sending this email to follow up on my withdrawal request from yesterday. Im sure you do know that I requested to withdraw $3855.98 dollars twice which you pushed back into the account on both occasions and once after that. I see the funds now appear short but I would like to assure you that I want them as they originally were on the withdrawal request.
I honestly would not like to take this matter any further so please just sort me out.
Kind Regards
Mike Baker

Aug 26 (8 days ago)

i will fix your issue on monday trust me iam out on vacation the first thing ...

and each day he promises the next day and does absolutely nothing about it.

To this day they are still cancelling my withdrawal requests.


charles Dlamini <>

Aug 2
I will surely surely hold you to that.

Company representatives' emails: Jake Grove or Mike Baker <> I m not sure what s his real name
Eddie Davis <> for who only once said he has received my message but never got back to me to assist.




Email all the addresses you can find for OptionsXO. Invite them to your thread in Scam Alerts to explain when you will get your money. Post an update here and in your Scam Alerts thread when you've done that.

Charles Dlamini

Now 2 days ago a guy who calls himself Glen nelson called me and told me that Mike Baker and Nick Russel the two brokers i worked with since i started with them have been fired and nolonger work for optionsxo. He then told me that I have to cancel my withdrawal request because i havent made volume to wager the bonus they gave me. Now when I asked him how much was that volume he said on top of the $78000 volume i need to add $100000 . I double checked all the figures and this is not on their Terms and Conditions. When I asked him where does he pull out that figure he said its just like that. I asked him but show me proof that thai is one of the conditions and he said he doesnt have proof.I wagered all the bonuses according to what i read on the terms and conditions. All checks were done and their system actually says all bonuses 100% wagered.see uploaded file.


Charles Dlamini

I also asked him that if that was the case why didnt their support team respond to my many emails with this explanation and he told me he had other clients and he has no desire to trade with me and he threatened to close my account if i keep on requesting withdrawals before that $100000 trading volume.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
No response yet. I'll move this to Open Cases now. If there's no response by the end of the week, this goes to a vote next week.


Another one of those options scams. It seems that whenever the word options is involved, scams are bound to happen one way or another.


Obviously a SCAM boiler room operation, using a bonus scheme to trap victims into sending more money so they can steal as much as possible before suspicion and withdrawal request is made. But these greedy perpetrators didn't stop after purportedly losing 80% they continue the scam trying to get even more. The so call "losses" are probably just a bunch of fictitious trades sitting on their demo server. This "" should be reported to their banks and creditors as well as payment vendors. If they can't accept payment, they would be out of business, fine print or not.

This is really disgusting, like a giant vampire leach trying to suck the blood out of a lifeless corpse and it isn't even Halloween yet.