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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: Mr. Gautam (, a forex trading robot selling representative from FXI Resolutions , initially offered a trading robot for 250$ and instructed me that out of 250$ cost for the robot, I had to pay only 100$ for obtaining the licence and after the robot would make profits , I need to pay additional 150 $ .

After paying 100 $ , a lady called Lisa called me up from the compliance department and asked me to deposit another 150 $ immediately for getting the software operational ; and when I denied the payment they asked me to pay 20$ additional charges for refund along with the documents. When I provided the documents and denied additional payments, Mr. Gautam said as a customer retention scheme from their company, he would introduce me to a new trading platform called where he would provide a 100$ trading bonus.The amount invested in their company cannot be refunded without the withdrawal charges.

I agreed to the same and started using the platform after a few days. Recently,on the 30th of September, I made huge profits out of the bonus amount (screen shot attached) and requested for a withdrawal.

The next day, a representative called Mr.Vijay ( called me up from +344 number and asked me to activate the account by making an initial deposit of 200$ as the withdrawal was possible only by activation of the account by making a deposit.

The next moment, Mr. Vijay's desk manager , Mr. Surya ( calls me up from +344 number and convinces me for a deposit of 500$ as the account needs to be converted to ECN status since the profits were very huge and also promised me that I would receive a trader's priority card which can be utilised later for trading as I had made the highest profit in the history of the company.He said that a micro account cannot support a withdrawal of such a huge amount.He provided me 3 additional e mail id s and asked me to contact through these ids as and when required.

I made a deposit of 500$ through Neteller as guided by Mr. Vijay ( & Mr. Surya ( and today I received a n e mail stating that my account has been converted to ECN account but in order to make withdrawals, I need to deposit another 500$ (Email attached).

They are not responding to the e mails nor are they calling back.
They are strictly denying the withdrawal...please advise...

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Soumen on 10/05/15

The company was first contacted about the issue on 09/23/15 the last contact was on 10/06/15

Details: Hello Sir,

We understand the situation which was discussed with you. But as an amendment to your requirement was taken into fullest consideration, but as per the terms and conditions, some
amendments to change your account to an ECN account has been done and given the fullest support, but the withdrawal fee is as pending and cannot be adjusted as the system doesn’t allow.
We assure you that your withdrawal can be done after this process is completed without any hassle.

Best Regards,

Company representatives' emails: Support<>



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First, send an invitation to everyone at TradeFxi and Fxiresolutions Invite them to come to join your public thread in the Scam Alerts folder. Post a note in that thread and here when you've done this.

Can you guide me with the procedure for invitation ...

Send something like this:

To: Every email address you can find for them
From: YOU
Subject: Please come to my thread and explain what's going on.

Dear FXI People.

Since I've been unable to reach a satisfactory solution to the issue I'm having with you, I've opened a thread at the FPA. Here it is:

Please come and join this discussion thread so that we can try to get this problem fixed.

Dear Sir

These people are trying to threaten me . They have sent across an email which reads as follows :


You made a mistake you missed to think about your Indian government even you have attached screen shot of your profits so I don’t want to explain you its illegal so no matter what ever you complain nothing will happen if we want just once mail to RBI you are locked up & your trades & your transactions also displayed so don’t just fall in problem by knowing.

If you want your withdrawals pay the balance of 500$ or we will put case against you so that we can get penalty


Please advise ....
Let me see if I have all the details....

They accept traders from India, but threaten to report those traders to the RBI if there are complaints. They also want you to deposit more money in order to release your funds.

After I sent them a formal invitation, 2 brand new forums accounts were created from the same IP to try to post links to anti-FPA libel in your Scam Alerts thread. They also emailed you the same link. Even if those lies about the FPA were true, it does not change the facts of your complaint.

They have false regulatory information on their site, including a Cysec registration number "borrowed" from another company. Cysec says they've never been registered...

I think this is more than enough to move your case to the Open Cases folder.
Soumen--from what you say it sounds like a regulatory agency would be useful for you, but it is unclear where the company is located: india, cyprus, or a computer somewhere in nigeria. if neteller were a creditcard company you might be able to protest the charges and get a refund, but maybe contacting them could be useful. i wish i had some brilliant ideas for you, but you did the right thing by coming to FPA. good luck!--feaisland55