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Gian Piero

Private, 1st Class
FYI: Capital Market Investments Limited (whose NoaFX is part of) has just been struck off from the New Zealand Companies Register.

According to my NZ lawyers, the removal took place - despite several objections, including mine - because the only NZ resident director Alex Bob Cijffers (former bankrupt) has resigned his office and CMIL doesn't comply to New Zealand Companies Act 1993 under Section 10 (Essential Requirements) any longer.

The Registrar is aware there are ongoing police investigations and large funds claimed back by creditors yet has chosen to disregard them all.

CMIL is still liable under NZ law for all its prior obligations nonetheless.
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Here we go again with this "".

First off, why would any real broker share server with 28 other websites? According to the info at, it's highly unlikely that "" has any real business connectivity with any legitimate exchanges or liquidity providers.

  • Website Value: $439.72
  • Speed: Slow (1523ms)
  • Network Name: Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
  • Network Country: Australia
  • 28 Other WebSites On This Server
for more detail see:

In summary, there is a very high probability that this is another off-exchange gambling scam with no legitimacy as a broker.


Highly suspicious person
Original FPA Traders Court Submission by Gian Piero:
I might have some info that can be helpful, for my own security I ask Mr Gian Piero to get in touch with me privately via Skype, if he finds my Info is helpful he might post a reply to this comment here. Again Mr. Gian and on Mr. Gian, not a representative of the FPA nor his attorney. Search me at this address : prince_dado@

Gian Piero

Private, 1st Class
As largely expected, none of those CMIL "reps" with reassuring english-sounding names had reached out to me. I have entered a contact request for the above post and now waiting to get in touch with the guy.


Brigadier General
Tell them all they have to do is send you the money they legitimately should already have sent you. Nothing more, nothing less. Until then, GUILTY!