GUILTY Case# 2016-108 | XLena vs

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How to find out in which country the money went? Where is their account? In the Bank statement? Daily Trades, 64 New Cavendish Street, +442035191145, GB. What does it mean? Address what?
That number is located in London, UK (GB). There is a complaint regarding this number found in the link below and perhaps you could warn others as well:

It seems this my have a banking resource in the UK, it would not hurt to alert the authorities in the UK to investigate further this alleged act of deception and financial fraud.

Fight!, Fight!, FIGHT!
There is a post on from another victim name is Vasya, and the complaint is about this who is deceiving simple and honest people with a fake address:

"Unite and sharpen the knife, like an onion, peel one layer at a time" - anonymous
The law firm Studio Legale Boccadutri has agreed to help in potential claim against Daily-Trades.
It turns out that DailyTrades associated with BankdeBinari. They have the same managers (invite to trade). This is confirmed, deceived those with whom I communicate via e-mail. We all go to a law firm. This does not negate appeals to Supervisory and regulatory authorities (waiting for answers).