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Anyoption Scam

Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I have sent 5000 GBP deposit. My profit was 31.000 GBP. After requesting withdrawal, they simply closed my account.
I haven't got my deposit and my profit back. I asked them what was the problem exactly but still no answer.
The short summary from the story, with evidences on Youtube:

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Viktor Sz. on 07/05/16

The company was first contacted about the issue on 03/23/16 the last contact was on 07/12/16

Details: "Dear Mr Viktor

Having looked into the issue you raised we have concluded that your account has been terminated as a result of a violation of the Terms and Conditions for the operation of the trading platform, specifically your account was closed under s.15.4.

It is Company practise to compensate the deposits of client’s that have been found to violate the Terms and Conditions.

In light of these findings and the fact that you have already withdrawn sums in excess of the sum of deposits you have made, the Company is not prepared to offer you any further amount.

In regard to your request regarding your trading account data, please find attached the log of all transactions conducted by your account.

Please be advised that the complaint will be treated as settled if we do not hear from you within four weeks of receiving this report.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything further.

Kind Regards,

Compliance Department


42- 44 Griva Digeni Avenue
Office 401
1096 Nicosia
Cyprus "

This was their last response from the company in April

Company representatives' emails: Support <>
Compliance <>




Looks like the client did his invite sometime back.

AsstMod, I know you are busy, but can you get the formal FPA invitation out as soon as you have a chance.


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Same happened to me with Same reason - violation to Terms and Conditions. They added to their T and C topics about this violation after their explanation why my account closed.. Looks like we have troubles because we found way to win on their platforms and this is "violation"...I start thinking that all binary companies are scam and this appeared to be obvious when clients ask for their money back from company...They are looking any way to prevent withdrawals. They want only deposits...THEY ARE SCAM!


my case with Binary 8 is not closed they are not approving my withdrawal need help to resolve my matter

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It seems scam binary options brokers are becoming more and more frugal these days, for example squandering your entire account the moment you request a withdrawal.
It's like they would squeeze the salt from sweaty old socks as a cheap way to add some green to your dough when no one is looking.