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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against: Tradorax

My Case is: I had deposited 250USD on the 25/05/2016 i had a cuople of trades and then decided to withdraw the balance on 09/27/2016 of 241.00 USD you can check the screen shoots. I have a fully verifiyed account and my withdraw kept on being rejectted as i needed to wait for a phone call verification. I never recived this phone call so i decided to call them daily. I never managed to speak to anyone even with a direct number to Peter Brown (44 / 2031500446 ext: 282) calling would only resort to an answer and then i would be hung up!! great customer care!! i sent PerterBorwn sevral messages to adress this issue and also pointing him to my thread here

and no reply,

all of a sudden i noticed my account has been used to trade on currencys i have never approved of or even given any authorisation for my account to be traded with. this is copleatly un etical

on the 25/10/2016 i have reportted Tradorax to barclays my abnk to investigate

I have also sent them a message on the facebook page to my thread and awaitting a reply

as of 2 and a half weeks i have not recived not 1 call/ message on skype/ text/ email in regards to this issue i can only imagine if i have 1000Pluss usd in my account!

Tradorax awaitting to hear from you ,

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by andro on 10/22/16

The company was first contacted about the issue on 10/16/16 the last contact was on 10/24/16

Details: Have had no reply from,
* facebook page
* online support
* skype -Peter Brown
* calling them sevral times they answer and then hang up
phone: +44 / 2031500446 ext: 282

Company representatives' emails: Peter Brown <>



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Since you already invited them to your Scam Alerts thread and got no response, I've issued a formal FPA invitation. Please post here on Friday or Saturday and let me know if they got back in touch with you or not.
Please see below skype message chat with Peter Brown

[12:41:15 AM] androcosta:
[12:41:22 AM] androcosta: please follow up to this thanks
[12:51:08 AM] Peter Brown: Great job placing those comments .
[12:51:24 AM] androcosta: thanks I need answers
[12:51:59 AM] androcosta: i have called the office a number of times . why has my account been traded with out my notification
[12:55:33 AM] Peter Brown: you registered with hasoffers campaign
[12:55:38 AM] Peter Brown: first of all
[12:55:58 AM] Peter Brown: which is making you entitled with a autotrader
[12:56:03 AM] Peter Brown: which is placing the trades for you ...
[12:56:06 AM] androcosta: you have no permission to trade with my money
[12:56:12 AM] Peter Brown: its no one of us
[12:56:15 AM] Peter Brown: that is the problem
[12:56:22 AM] androcosta: so why did it take all these months for this to take effect?
[12:56:41 AM] androcosta: only after i made a request to take my money then it starts to trade for me
[12:56:42 AM] androcosta: ???
[12:57:16 AM] Peter Brown: and on top of all i tried to call you milion times
[12:57:21 AM] Peter Brown: to tell you what we need to do
[12:57:24 AM] androcosta: i signed up on May since May only the auto trades began to take effect what a load of crap
[12:57:36 AM] Peter Brown: there are settings that you can change
[12:57:42 AM] Peter Brown: you can place trades manually as well
[12:57:45 AM] Peter Brown: you can get educated
[12:57:55 AM] Peter Brown: with free educating sessions
[12:57:56 AM] androcosta: you get educated and just refund the money
[12:58:10 AM] Peter Brown: read term and conditions
[12:58:31 AM] androcosta: why since May has the auto trading just started to start???
[12:58:54 AM] androcosta: can that be explained?
[12:59:14 AM] androcosta: only since i have requested my money the trads have been placed
[12:59:43 AM] androcosta: just return the money as i will continue to push negative feed back in every forum i find and every site i can find
[01:00:39 AM] Peter Brown: becasue its from uneducated and confused people who dont what they should do
[01:02:02 AM] androcosta: I know what i should do,
[01:02:30 AM] Peter Brown: i dont think so , but okay its all up to you
[01:02:41 AM] androcosta: crap companies like Tradorax just take advantage of people
[01:03:04 AM] Peter Brown: is that why you are here ?
[01:03:09 AM] Peter Brown: to swear at my company
[01:03:13 AM] Peter Brown: and tell me I am crap ?
[01:03:34 AM] Peter Brown: Thanks but I tried to help you ...
[01:03:39 AM] androcosta: correct
[01:03:44 AM] Peter Brown: okay
[01:03:47 AM] Peter Brown: have a wonderful day
[01:03:54 AM] androcosta: i will continue to spam you all until i get answers you ignored me
[01:04:04 AM] androcosta: so do as you wish
[01:04:09 AM] androcosta: you cheated me
[01:05:04 AM] androcosta: auto trader only placed the trades on the 21st/10/2016 suspicious when i asked for many times withdrawal .. don't you think??? Just give me an answer
[01:05:07 AM] androcosta: to that
[01:06:11 AM] androcosta: hope you have a terrible day!
[01:07:13 AM] Peter Brown: just to give you something in return ... I was not even in the office , then . Therefore it was IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO GO INTO YOUR ACCOUNT
[01:07:14 AM] Peter Brown: kokay
[01:07:15 AM] Peter Brown: okay *
[01:07:23 AM] androcosta: i called your office every day 3-10 times not one person answers the phone or can give me answers
[01:07:29 AM] androcosta: and you expect me to be calm
[01:08:13 AM] androcosta: since last week? you have not been in the office?
[01:08:24 AM] androcosta: or anyone in the whole company not in the office?
[01:08:29 AM] androcosta: i called today all morning
[01:08:40 AM] androcosta: someone opens the phone then hangs up
[01:09:05 AM] Peter Brown: i was not here thursday and friday
[01:09:26 AM] androcosta: so why no one in the office can answer the phone or give me a reply
[01:09:51 AM] androcosta: from 9 am till 12.30 no answer
[01:10:42 AM] androcosta: please cancel those trades and return the money in my account as i have requested from last week
[01:12:30 AM] androcosta: and don't give me crap this is the auto trader as from May there was never any auto trades placed on my account. so these have been manual trades so this is a breach of the terms and conditions. these are not auto trades
[01:33:45 AM] Peter Brown: you have been transfered
[01:34:25 AM] androcosta: too???? the moon
It appears that Tradorax doesn't want to discuss letting you withdraw. This is now going to Open Cases. The vote will begin next week.
Guilty! They must process the withdrawal immediately and pay interest on the sum requested!
"I was out of the office" and "A robot had lost your money" cannot be excuses. Trader had requested a sum for withdrawal, from that moment, it must be protected!
I also had a Tradorax account - they placed all the money in the account ($4,435) on one trade without my permission. It lost.
I also had a Tradorax account - they placed all the money in the account ($4,435) on one trade without my permission. It lost.
That's illegal!!!! Sue them! They cannot touch the balance in your account without your written consent. You can easily restore the funds that have been lost.