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Private, 1st Class
Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against: TRADORAX

My Case is: All
Beyond explanation. I submitted a withdrawal request on my cash account That was approved (See below). You can see on the SWIFT upload doc that the authorization was submitted 10-07-2016 for payment to their third party processor listed as Bets Tech Limited. That just happens to be the company that owns TDORAX, who is also TRADORAX. A circular conversation.
I initially was persuaded to invest with TRADORAX through Jake Taylor who made my account profitable, so I invested more funds so he could have more to work with as we agreed since I was not willing to have any bonus attached to the account. Not having a bonus gives me the right to withdraw my money from my account at any time. It is only recently that I have needed to do that and today is 20 business days 28 calendar days since the wire wire transfer was alleged to have been made. I see the authorization form was submitted, but it is not filled out competently since the routing number is missing.
There has been no transfer to the confirmed BOA wire transfer numbers provided by BOA, for the wire transfer that I emailed to Mr. Taylor and Customer Support. I was assured I would have the money between 5-10 days. I have been emailing and SKYPE texting with endless phone calls, and now at day 20 they are saying it will be another 20 business days before I can maybe see my money.
They refuse to corroborate any wire transfer they allege has been made, it is easily confirmed with a wire transfer confirmation number issued at the time the transfer is made. One is instructed by the issuing bank to print or write the number down for future reference if necessary. Jake Taylor asked me for the wire transfer confirmation number when I had informed him it was sent, I provided that to him without question, it is just business. No one at TRADORAX will provide that number to me so I can have BOA find any missing transfer which is why I need it. I have asked TRADORAX to contact their bank and put a trace on the alleged transfer, because that is what BOA said They should do. They have not done that either. They tell me to be patient. I tell them I can be patient if something is happening, that they need to take care of business and get to work and stop making excuses for not doing the work of getting my wire transfer sent to me.
They do nothing except hide behind the internet.

David Miller
Mr. David Miller | Head of US Desk

Office Phone (Toll Free): + (1) – 6469346204
New Office Address: 10 Paternoster Square, London EC4M 7LS, UK

Working Hours: 14:00-22:00 (UTC)
Skype: davidmiller.tradorax

He is the one that Jake Taylor said would handle the wire transfer and that I would receive my money. That in fact TRADORAX distributes many wire transfers every day, it is a normal every day operating procedure.

David Miller had contacted me Monday 10-03-2016 and we had the required recorded phone conversation where he told me that they would close my account and refund me the money in the account. (Paraphrased)
I wanted to maintain 3300.00 in the account, David Miller said that was too small of an amount for a trading account. Tradorax accepts smaller accounts. I didn't care if that is what he wanted to do, just send me the money

That has not been the case with my approved withdrawal. I have asked BOA to search all wire transfers coming into them through the unique SWIFT code Number for BOA for the dollar amount of the withdrawal request less any fee (app$45.00). There is no wire transfer for that amount from 10-07-2016 until today.
I have been trying to get these men to follow through on their word saying they would send me my money, and to take care of the business per the terms and agreements, and their withdrawal policy.

I have told Jake Taylor, David Miller, and Daniel Williams that they need to correct the authorization form and add the missing routing number to it so the 3rd party processor so they can send the approved transfer.

If you can get TRADORAX to respond to this case that would be great. They need to step and be professional and take care of the business outlined in their terms and agreements which is the basis of the agreement they have put in place for their customers. I am their customer and they are not providing the customer service that is their duty to me.

This is a brief amount of documentation, I have all the emails from the inception of the account with all the principals through today. I am being ignored by all the people I have been working with at TRADORAX, and they have assigned me to Daniel Williams, who is not capable of doing anything, I am sure he is afraid of being fired.

TRADORAX has sent me $4000. 00 in two payments to my CC. The wire transfer is for a 31188.50 less transfer fee approx. $45.

There are many more documented injustices like trading $20,000. 00 of my account without permission, huge losses trying to trade the account down to less that my initial investment. Now I stand at the very real possibility that I will not see my money. If you can help that would be great. If you need more information, I have a bunch of it.

Thank You
John Gump


United States

United Kingdom
fax: 442033181685

Dear John,
This is your Withdrawal Acknowledgment.
Please be informed that your withdrawal request from your tradorax trading account in the sum of ${trxId} has been approved.

Payment info:
Type: API
Time: 7/10/2016
Amount: 31188.5 ( USD )

Some institutions may require a few working days to remit funds around the world, particularly in cases that a correspondent bank is involved in the transaction, therefore please allow up to 7-10 business days for the funds to show in your account.

This payment will appear on your statement as a payment from tradorax™
Please note that once the funds pass out of our account you may be liable for bank transfer charges.
Should you require any assistance, please feel free to contact us at

Yours sincerely,
tradorax finance team

Follow us: [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
International Support:
UK: +442038687870
fax: +442033181685

Copyright © 2016 tradorax

I have copied the withdrawal procedure from your terms and agreements.

You are way past due on executing the expectation set forth in your terms and agreements. It is way past time to get the problem created by the incomplete transfer authorization corrected.

a) In case the Client gives an instruction to withdraw funds from the Trading Account, tradorax finance department supervises every withdrawal request submitted. Identification documents must be submitted to process any withdrawal. The Company shall pay the specified amount (less any transfer charges, if applicable, see point (5) below) within Three (3) – Five (5) Business Days once a duly instruction has been accepted and at the moment of payment, the Client’s margin requirements, proof of identity and payment methods (to ensure safety of client’s funds) and due diligence criteria have been met. The Company may cancel the Client’s withdrawal order, if, according to the Company’s discretion, the remaining funds (after the withdrawal) shall not be sufficient to secure open Position(s) in the Trading Account.
b) The company does not take any responsibility for any delays of withdrawals, due to third party (banks, credit card companies or other service providers) policies. Nor for any force majeure events that are not under the company’s control.

c) Minimum withdrawal amount for wire transfers is 500 USD/EUR/GBP.

d) Minimum withdrawal amount for Credit card / Debit Card transfers is 100 USD/EUR/GBP.
e) Minimum Deposit amount is 250 USD/EUR/GBP.
f) The first withdrawal sends to the customer is free of charge. The second withdrawal can have fee up to 50 USD, depending on the case.
The Company shall debit the Client’s Trading Account for all payment charges. If the Client has the obligation to pay any amount to the Company which exceeds the amount held in the Client’s Trading Account, the Client shall immediately pay such amount upon Company’s request.
The Company shall not provide physical delivery in relation to any Transaction. As mentioned above, Profit or loss is credited to or debited to or from the Trading Account (as applicable) once the Transaction is closed.
tradorax processes funds through Hermes Solution Doo, Golubovci bb, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro.

Attached Files:
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#1JG2835, Nov 4, 2016

[B]New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:[/B]



[B]Review is submitted by[/B] Your Crazy [B]on[/B] 11/08/16

[B]The company was first contacted about the issue on[/B] 10/14/16 [B]the last contact was on[/B] 11/18/16

[B]Details:[/B] The company has said they have wired the money to my account 10/07/2016. That never happened, because there is no record of that taking place in my BOA account. BOA advised me to get the wire transfer confirmation # from TRADORAX, or the chip sequence # for the wire transfer. I asked TRADORAX to supply that information from the alleged wire transfer. They have never supplied either #, even though I have requested many, many, many times. BOA advised that the sender (TRADORAX) put a tracer on the wire so they could bring it back, or find it and reroute it. They did not do that either. They have sent it to there parent company Beta Tech (TDorax is owned and operated by BetaTech Ltd of 35-37 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JN, UK. AM Capital Ltd. of Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH 96960.) They have stopped responding to me after this email sent 11/11/2016
no_reply tradorax
11 Nov (11 days ago)

to me
tradorax ltd
Dear John,
Please be advised that your account has been verified.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
If you would like to learn more about binary options, please visit our Educational center.
Yours sincerely,
tradorax support team
Follow us: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Google+ Google Play
International Support:
UK: +442038687870
fax: +442033181685
Copyright © 2016 tradorax

They are Radio silent with no intention of honoring their terms and agreements. Low life criminals, that hide behind the internet. Cowards of the lowest order, lying thieving sons of female dogs.

[B]Company representatives' emails:[/B] Jake Taylor<>
David Miller<>
Daniel Williams<>
Mark Stern<>
Sam Stevens<>



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Since there's another case in Case Preparation, I went ahead issued the formal FPA invitation for Tradorax to join your Scam Alerts thread. Please post an update late Tuesday or early Wednesday to let me know what you've heard from them or if you haven't heard anything.
A Tradorax employee replied to your complaint. Since he doesn't want to join the forums, I've posted his reply here and in your Scam Alerts thread. Jake Taylor said...

Hello Bill,

I can only reply regarding John Gump's case since I was the handling broker.

Money was sent to John around 5 weeks ago as a wire (he received the confirmation via email), since it's delicate information, forgive me for not sharing it with you.

John lost his job about 6 months ago.

When he lost his job, he wanted to withdraw the entire account, was transferred to recovery to make sure he's sure by closing the account, then begged to come back working with me. Then he said the entire fiasco he created was to "just see what happens". Basically a waste of my time.

Now, we believe, since the money was sent back to him, he's making false accusations by asking us to send it again, in our eyes, he's trying to make a quick buck since he had no income for the past 6 months or so.

After John spammed both my Skype and Email, I've decided to block him.

This is my side of the case
This is another example of half truth, being used to justify a complete falsehood. It is true I lost my job. It is not true I begged to come back, after I tried to close my account earlier this year after I attempted to withdraw the seed money for the account ($25000.) after Jake lost 10000. in a few minutes with trades that were made by an analyst that had no permission from me to trade my account.I immediately submitted a withdrawal request. It effectively takes the money out of the trading account, until the request is processed. I said he should cancel the trades and restore the 10 K back to the account. He said he could not do that, but that he would make it back. That did not sit well with me, because in order to do that 15 K would have to be put at risk. Jake has failed to leave that out of his response. I told Jake that I wanted my seed deposit money back, and they could trade the account with the balance, or I would trade it. Jake explained that he "they" (TRADORAX) would not allow their money to go out the door back to me. That was enlightening, that they viewed the profits as their money. That revelation went a long way in explaining to me how difficult it would be for me to get my money from TRADORAX. It became very clear that I would have to proceed with caution and try to ease my way out of entanglement with TRADORAX and it's employees.He said he would hand my account over to another account manager.
That is when I became completely aware of how TRADORAX worked. Sam Stevens contacted me, and we discussed the bad trades and he agreed to restore them to my account, which he did. Good for me, I thought. He wanted me to allow him to use their PMM trading strategy to trade the account, but in order to use that strategy effectively I would need to cancel the withdrawal request so all the funds would be in the account. PMM is progressive money management. When A binary trade is initiated for a short time frame (one minute) and fails, another trade is executed at expiry for 2.5 times that amount, continuing until the trade is profitable. They justify the extreme amounts that need to be traded saying that the trade will turn back in the direction and become profitable. That the trend never exceeds 7 entries based on their experience. I said I was not comfortable with that method and did not want to authorize that, and I would not be withdrawing my request. Then a young fellow named Marcus called me and tried to hijack my account. I reconnected with Jake and asked him to help me get my money, that Marcus was a terrorist. He said he would get his boss Mark Stern involved that he would be the one to take care of the account. Mark called a couple of times telling me what he would do, but I would need to cancel the withdrawal request. I required him to explain what exactly he had in mind and that I would not cancel the request until I knew what direction he had in mind. The next morning I opened my account to see there were 10000 K in unauthorized trades placed on my account. I immediately sent this email:

John Gump <>
27 Jul
to Mark, Verification, Dean, Jake, support

I say leave my account alone, do not trade it and what happens.
You don't do as I instructed. You have hijacked my account again and you are hell bent on trading it to nothing. You are all thieves.
You are Cowards of the lowest order, and any bad thing that happens to you or your families is deserved.
I demand that you stop stealing my money. I forbid you to trade my account.

Mark Stern went into my account overriding my password, canceled the withdrawal request, and traded 30 K over the course of a couple hours while I was sleeping.

That is when Jake called me and asked me what the hell was going on? I told him Mark Stern had cancelled my withdrawal and had traded the account without my permission. That there were 10 K in losing trades, already, and another 20 K in long term trades, which will finally expire 11/30/16 O T M. That my account had been hijacked by Mark Stern, and that I wanted Jake to take the account back and be the manager over it, so I could maybe get my money later. Jake was not aware that Mark had traded the account like that, and of course apologized for everything, but the trades could not be reversed, but he could make it back. He agreed and took the account over assuring me that I would only talk with him from then on and no one else would have any influence over the account. That he would personally make sure I would be able to withdraw my money, if I wanted to and in fact I could do that at that time, if I so desired. He went on to say that he despised Mark Stern and said F*** Mark Stern. That he (Jake)was not like him (Mark).
I will say that I had dealt with Jake for a long time over many months and he did add to the account as he said he would. I had come to trust him, but the second time extreme losses incurred due to an analyst I knew I needed to withdraw my deposits. The analyst trading the account had happened before, and I told Jake then that I only authorized him to personally trade the account. He agreed, and we moved forward, until the analyst lost 10 K.

Jake is the biggest disappointment, because I did trust him. He said we were friends and he would make sure I was taken care of as his friend, I believed him. Please do not admonish me for this lack of judgement on my part. I was lied to that is all there is to say about it. I was looking for a long term business relationship that would be profitable for me. I thought we had become friends during that time, the friendship offered by Jake was a lie.

I want to further add that there has been no wire transfer made to me. As I sated in my initial complaint there has never been any confirmation of the wire transfer from the sending bank to me provided by TRADORAX in spite of multiple requests at many different times before contact FPA.
You should have asked Jake to provide the wire confirmation number when you spoke with him, in order to have proof that a wire transfer was sent to me as he alleged.
As I pointed out the approval doc from TRADORAX is missing the routing number to my bank (BOA). The wire cannot be sent without the routing #.
No wire transfer has been sent to me from TRADORAX. I have never received the approved withdrawal request for the $31188.50.

I have never been able to contact the financial department directly, No one has ever supplied me the routing confirmation # so I can have BOA find it. BOA has tried to see if there was a transfer made for the specific amount that would have come into there wire transfer center. No wire transfer for that amount within $100 for the date of 10-7 or any other time through October 2016 or now. I have never received any transfer from TRADORAX. Wire transfers do not get lost. all the numbers of the sequence need to inputted correctly or the wire is rejected. So if there is any consideration that 1 number was inputted wrong that is false. that is the reason for all the sequence numbers. It is impossible to accidentally send a wire transfer to a wrong address. That is what Jake has said probably happened, but not to worry because if it didn't show up in my account that it would bounce back to them and they would send it out again. that is a complete fabrication. A wire is sent to a specific address and account number with a specific routing #. Once it has arrived at that address it will be moved into the final account or retrieved by the recipient. After it has been deposited in its final destination or removed, it cannot be retrieved.
I have explained that in emails to TRADORAX so that they could initiate a trace on the wire transfer. That is the process explained to me by BOA regarding wire transfers and how to track, trace, and retrieve them. TRADORAX had no interest in doing any of that saying if it did not show up it would came back to them and they would send it out again.
I said how would you send it out again? I would not be providing any new wire transfer details other than the ones I had sent that had been confirmed by BOA. That the wire transfer details I had sent from BOA are correct and that TRADORAX needed to send them via those provided details.
The fact is they have never provided the wire transfer confirmation #, They have never initiated a trace on the alleged wire transfer to retrieve it. There has never been any wire transfer sent to me.
It was 8 weeks 11/25/16 that the wire was alleged to have been sent. I have sent TRADORAX screenshots of my bank account showing all the transactions that have occurred in that account for October. There is no wire transfer received.
Jake is telling more lies, to deflect attention away from the truth which is that TRADORAX has stolen my money. Now he seems to be confusing you with half truths as if he is credible and I am not. I hope this further explains with facts that my claim is valid. Jake needs to join the forum so I can respond publicly to his lies. I am ready to do that with the emails and voice recordings of skype conversations etc.etc., as I have stated in my complaint. I am not trying to make a fast buck, I want my money that is left over from my account sent to me. It is just business. have him provide the wire transfer confirmation # that is issued for every wire transfer made. The number starts with the date the transfer was made (year,month,day). It is easily recognized.
If he calls again, conference me in. I know what to ask him to reveal his lies. he knows that, which is why he blocked me. he is unable to lie to me about the money he and TRADORAX have stolen.
I want to add that the 30000 that was traded by Mark Stern was illegal, I had not provided permission for those trades as I have stated. Tradorax is totally corrupt to think that they can do as they please with their clients accounts. They are cowardly criminals that use the credibility of being a financial services company in order to lure victims over the internet. I just want my money back from these cowardly thugs.
Since there's another case in Case Preparation, I went ahead issued the formal FPA invitation for Tradorax to join your Scam Alerts thread. Please post an update late Tuesday or early Wednesday to let me know what you've heard from them or if you haven't heard anything.
Thank You.
I have heard nothing from them for some time now. Over a month.
Now both new cases against Tradorax are moving to Open Cases. Unless something changes, voting will begin next week.
A Tradorax employee replied to your complaint. Since he doesn't want to join the forums, I've posted his reply here and in your Scam Alerts thread. Jake Taylor said...

Hello Bill,

I can only reply regarding John Gump's case since I was the handling broker.

Money was sent to John around 5 weeks ago as a wire (he received the confirmation via email), since it's delicate information, forgive me for not sharing it with you.

John lost his job about 6 months ago.

When he lost his job, he wanted to withdraw the entire account, was transferred to recovery to make sure he's sure by closing the account, then begged to come back working with me. Then he said the entire fiasco he created was to "just see what happens". Basically a waste of my time.

Now, we believe, since the money was sent back to him, he's making false accusations by asking us to send it again, in our eyes, he's trying to make a quick buck since he had no income for the past 6 months or so.

After John spammed both my Skype and Email, I've decided to block him.

This is my side of the case

I have been thinking a lot about the reply from Jake Taylor.
First the fact that he did not want to join the open forum. He is a criminal that doesn't want to be exposed publicly in an open forum. He wants to stay hidden behind the internet, so he can comment and falsely accuse, in an attempt to take attention from his criminal acts. The argument of accusation is a classical tactic to get focus onto a different subject, rather than address the truth. Which in this case is the theft by TRADORAX and Jake Taylor of my money.
The money has never been sent to me. I was waiting the 7-10 days for the approved request to be processed and the wire transfer made. On day 10 (10-12-16) I contacted Jake and asked if he could look into the transfer since I had not received it. That is when he said he personally saw the transfer made on 10/7/16. No way I said, I would have received it by now. he said it could take two weeks to show up in my account, not to worry, be patient. That is when I contacted BOA about any pending transfers to my account that I had provided for the transfer to be made to. There was no pending transfer. That is when they instructed me what to ask for so they (BOA, or TRADORAX's sending bank) could find the transfer. Specifically the wire transfer confirmation number, or the chip sequence #. I have provided those attachments that TRADORAX sent to me that are being referenced to by Jake Taylor. There is nothing delicate about them. They are internal TRADORAX documents, not wire transfer documentation from an issuing bank. They sent that to me after multiple emails asking for the wire transfer. They must have thought I would accept that as confirmation. It is not any sort of confirmation, except that it is the approval for the transfer of funds to be sent to me from the withdrawal request and to include my funds for the entire account balance at that time, less any open or failed trades. That (attached previously) document that has no routing #, or bank letterhead.
What is the relevance of me losing my job. I received unemployment compensation and a severance package. What has that to do with TRADORAX performing their duties toward me. The terms and agreements are all that matter, nothing more. The fact remains they have not satisfied their own terms and agreements which is the point. They have established a basis for business to be conducted by those terms and agreements in order to convince people of their intent to conduct business according to those terms and agreements, but they now do not acknowledge that those are the basis for the business to be conducted. That somehow their are other items that have more relevance other than the failure by TRADORAX and it's employees to comply with those terms and agreements. Bait and switch. They are deceivers and criminals.
The point of fact for knowing you are in an argument with another, is the point you are raising for the conversation, is not acknowledged by the other party. When one realizes they are not being recognized then realize you are in an argument. Behave accordingly. That is how I roll.
Jake does allege that the money was paid to me. That I am lying and falsely accusing TRADORAX and all the listed employees in my case of conspired theft. All that is necessary by Jake and TRADORAX is to provide the SWIFT MT103 doc from the bank to show that in fact the wire transfer was sent to my account. I have disclosed every item of proof to support my claim that I have not been paid the money owed to me. I have requested Jake and all the people at TRADORAX to please take the necessary steps to find the transfer. They did nothing except tell me to be patient. That the money would bounce back to them. Tomorrow 12/2/2016 it will be 9 weeks since the wire transfer was alleged to have been sent to me. Really!!! Think about that for a moment. The time frame in the withdrawal approval (attached in case file) is 7-10 days. Day 10 I contacted TRADORAX to say I had not received it. They have never been concerned that the transfer was not received by me. Think about that for a moment. They present themselves as a financial institution. There are multiple references on their webpage and in their terms and agreements that state that your money (my money) is secure with them. Yet when I say that I have not received the transfer they were not concerned. They did not say they would look into it, because that was unusual since they issue multiple transfers daily. Jake or David would not allow me access to the financial department, so I could handle the details of the transfer with them directly, instead of through them. I had to deal with Jake or David or Daniel who would ignore me, and when they responded it was always to tell me to be patient.
Daniel Williams is a customer service rookie that did what he was told by David and Jake. Another pathetic oxygen thief. I told him that as a customer service rep he should represent me and allow me access to the financial department. That he needed to get the wire transfer confirmation # for me so I could trace the wire transfer. That he needed to have the financial department start a trace on the wire transfer since I had not received it. Nothing, they did nothing to find the wire transfer they alleged to have sent because they never sent it. Now Jake and TRADORAX is accusing me of trying make a quick buck. That is the accusation being stated to attempt to change the focus from Jake being a thief to me being the thief. This is my point in all that I have said about this. Jake is projecting his own criminal reality onto me in this conversation to you, as an appeal for you to believe he and TRADORAX are the victims in this case I have filed. Jake and the criminal organization calling itself TRADORAX are the one making a fast buck stealing my money. They could easily disclose the requested, required confirmation number. They could easily ask their issuing bank to put a trace on the wire transfer, locate it, and have it sent to me. They could listen when I tell them I have not received the wire transfer. they could professionally respond to their clients concerns as a legitimate business would when their customer brings a legitimate concern or complaint against how their account is being mishandled. TRADORAX, and all it's employees have done none of those reasonable things. They do not acknowledge any of it. They only say it has been handled. It has not been handled, because they do not care to handle it. They only want it to go away so they can continue to live under the rock they have slithered under.
Now the point of spamming, another accusation. When I am being ignored day after day after day. I will press for a response and get one. I know how to unrelentingly get someones attention. I learned a long time ago how to pick a fight. The fact that Jake and TRADORAX have blocked me is because they did not want to hear from me about the wire transfer that I did not receive. Another blatant attitude against servicing clients legitimate needs and complaints. According to Jake Taylor it is perfectly fine to discard your client because they keep bringing up a problem that needs attended to by them. Arrogant jack###.
There are policies that a business needs to satisfy TRADORAX has abandoned any pretense toward me of satisfying those responsibilities on their part toward me. In my last SKYPE chat with Jake I have him categorically stating that I would not get the money back. I have attached that screenshot. I HAVE ALSO ATTACHED MY BOA STATEMENT FOR THE ACCOUNT THE TRANSFER IS TO BE SENT TO. As you can see there is no received transfer for $31188.50. There is a transfer from another entity, which shows how the transfers are listed in the statement. More proof that the wire transfer was not received into my account. I have sent screenshots to TRADORAX showing the wire was never received. They have done nothing to locate it because they know that would be a complete waste of time since they never sent it.
I am the victim in this case TRADORAX is a criminal organization of smug greedy SOB"s that pretend to be business professionals. They do that to lure people into investing hard earned money, so they can steal it. All this could have been avoided if they had just taken care of the business they pretended to be involved in. They are a complete scam organization that will use any tactic to get one to invest, including befriending them in order to cover their deception. Complete LOW LIFE. A curse on you Jake Taylor, and all you criminals at TRADORAX. You know who you are.

#34JG2835, 4 minutes ago
Thieves and thugs. Not wanting to join the forum is being a coward. I don't judge you on the friendship that you made, that comes with the territory, they make you feel like they are your best friend when behind their back they are stealing your money. They know what they are doing and who is doing it, it is total baloney that the traders didn't know what the other one was doing. Guilty as all can be!