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Private, 1st Class
Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I have been scammed by I opened a trading account with them as they told me that they are regulated company and they took all my personal details for opening a trading account. They appointed an account manager, Mr Adam Naji and he was able to trap me through his lies and emotional conversations. In total I deposited £12750.
He gave me two Risk Free Trades (RFTs). The First RFT £5000 did not have any bonus while the second RTF of £5000 had bonus of £2500 from Ivory Option. I was given written offers from Ivory Option VIP department saying that in case I lose the trade the total amount of losses will return to my trading account. This was backed verbally by Mr Adam Naji.
After putting me on two RFTs Mr Naji kept me calling and asked that I should learn how to do daily trade and he persuaded me to deposit £5000 or more so we give you £5000 bonus. Once you got bonus than you can withdraw your £5000 and I will teach you daily trades with our money. I told him that I do not have this kind of money and all my credit cards have reached the limit. I was so foolish to listen him as he was trying to steal my money. He advised me to borrow £5000 from you friend for a day or so just to earn bonus and once the bonus is in your account than you straightway can withdraw £5000 and return it back to your friend. As I was so influenced by him I did exactly what he told me. I signed the bonus agreement which only showed the signed area without any terms and conditions and neither Mr Naji mentioned any turnover conditions attached to bonus scheme.
After receiving the bonus I straightway put a withdrawal request which was cancelled and Mr Naji turned his tongue and said that you need a turnover before you can withdraw. At this point I got very suspicious about Ivory Option and looked at the printable versions of the bonuses and was shocked to see the amount of turnover required before I can get access to my own money. I contacted my bank and ask them to stop this transaction as the money did not leave my account but they said they cannot do that. They advised me to that talk the retailer to resolve the issue and if not resolved than login dispute and we will apply for a chargeback.
Mr Naji kept on persuading me to take trades but I insisted that you must let me withdraw my £5000. He agreed in his one of his email saying that I should put in £5000 more so we will cancel our bonus and you will be able to withdraw all your £10000. As I was very vigilant at this point I said that all your bonuses are in my trading account, so take your bonuses back and let me withdraw my money. At this point he realised that our client has figured out the scam. I would not come to phone and neither reply to my emails.
In the mean time I lost the first RTF and I requested the returned to my £5000 back to my trading account. He sent me a RFT refund agreement form which he asked me to sign and sent back so that they can return my £5000. As I was very cautious to sign any document anymore, hence I printed the document which says that this amount will return as bonus and turnover is required. I requested Mr Naji to return my money as agreed. I refused to sign and nothing was returned to my trading account.
After this Mr Naji would not come the phone and Ivory Option changed my account manager Jack Roberts who also tried to put me on trades so that I can lose but I insisted for refunds. After this I closed my second RTF which was winning trade and my money was returned to my trading account with £10 profit.
After weeks of talking to Ivory Option for refunds I reached to a dead end. I had no choice but to dispute the follow amounts. The chargeback was successfully applied and statement showed the approved chargeback of £5000, £5000, and £1000. But I did not receive anything and my bank in August said that our chargeback has been declined therefore you need to talk to the retailer.
After the first chargeback I received a call from Ivory Option documentation team, I recorded this call. They asked to sign the credit authorisation form so they can refund me £5000. I printed this form which clearly says I authorise that Ivory Option take £5000 from my account, hence I refused to sign and asked them for a written confirmation of refund. They failed to do that hence I did not sign.
I tried again as again to resolve this issue with Ivory Option and sent to them 100s of emails and made calls too but they are financial criminals and are not coming to terms.
I have tons of records to support my case and proof Ivory Option guilty
I would be grateful if you could help me to get my money back.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by IVORY OPTION on 12/01/16

The company was first contacted about the issue on 04/11/16 the last contact was on 11/28/16

Details: From: Adam Naji <>
Sent: 12 April 2016 13:23
To: A Hussain
Subject: Re:

Brother Abid,
The withdrawal can be made only after trading with the other 5000GBP that you got from the company,
As stated in the form , due to company's policy and in order to make sure that the money deposited from its side is not going out ,
Which means that almost by the end of the week you will be able to withdraw
Adam Naji
Senior Account Manager
Skype - Adamn.ivoryoption
Ivory Option - London,UK
US +1-443 6926821
UK +44 2036951604

Tue 12/04, 13:43
You forwarded this message on 03/05/2016 16:14
I said you can keep the other 5000 that you deposited safe , and trade with the company's , whenever you finish , you can withdraw yours,
Anyways lets find a solution,
When do you want to pay back . you said you can pay it back on the end of the month.
Adam Naji
Senior Account Manager
Skype - Adamn.ivoryoption
Ivory Option - London,UK
US +1-443 6926821
UK +44 2036951604

Company representatives' emails: <>



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I'm personally amazed that Ivory Option doesn't already have an FPA Scam Finding. If only more people would leave reviews and file cases.

Yo AsstMod! Can you go ahead and get the formal invite out on this one? Abidh72's already suffered quite a lot at the hands of this broker.
Pharaoh, thanks for your comments regarding this scam broker. I advise Ivory Option victims to come forward and report their scam to various authorities. Do not suffer in isolation share your experience with others which may lead to a better solution and even recovering your losses.
I've just sent the formal invitation. Please post a followup sometime between Christmas and New Years to let me know if Ivory Option had anything new to say or not.
Thanks for sending them the formal invitation. I will keep you posted. I have tons of information in form of emails and recording which clearly proves them guilty.
Thanks again
Save those ad jpg or png files. Make copies. Edit out anything personal you don't want publicly displayed and start uploading them here.