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Private, 1st Class
Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against: AAFXTRADING

My Case is: First: THANKS from my heart to this website, ForexPeaceArmy, for helping us to avoid being scammed, ripped out, by so many electronic delinquents. Forex has many times a bad fame because of them; but also has a good name because of you, ForexPeaceArmy.

BRIEF INFORMATION: I deposited 28.804 euros, on last December 15th 2016. After seven full working days, my EA has made 10.346 euros and traded 1.250 lots. AAFXtrading didn´t allow me to withdrawal my benefits by putting nonsense “Christmas” excuses. After waiting for 15 days for the new year, they planted on my account, (on night time, and just some hours before I finally was going to be “allowed” to “request” my own monies), both crazy trades (195 lots!!!) and, one hour later, fake spikes too (225 pips!!!), in order to simulate an account crash. Today, almost one month later, they didn´t answer, didn´t present any explanation or official answer, even after my numerous emails and Live Chat´s sessions, just lies promising emails and calls. I sent them full evidences about their fake trades and spikes, including MT4 log files (definitive evidence), and many other documents you will find attached to this Open File Case.

MORE DETAILED INFORMATION: On last December 15th 2016, I deposited via wire transfer 30.000 US dollars (28.804 euros) into my AAFXTRADING´s account 2132516309. Immediately, my EA started making its usual daily benefits and… problems began.

First, it must be explained that this a private EA that I developed with two more friends, working together along three obsessed years and “burning” on the process more than 300 demo accounts, opened on very different brokers (to assure reliability). We evolved our EA through 46 versions and, finally, the last version was tested it extensively for six more months, on many different brokers. Finally, we went on Real (several Cent accounts - Forex4you; 29% profits average on just some days. Great experience and withdrawals with Forex4you), obtaining the usual calculated stability and daily earnings: 1/30.000 average of Account´s Trading Power: ((deposit + possible bonus) X Leverage)) / 30.000.

But, unfortunately, we decided to swift from Forex4you to AAFXTRADING because of its 1:2000 leverage on unlimited balance.

On December 19th they told me that my first (and only…) withdrawal, on the amount of 1.200 euros (my first day of trading´s profits), were already sent by wire transfer. That was their first evident lie: after many complaints, that amount reached my bank account 18 days later, and my bank informed me that that transfer was sent… the day before, on January 4th , not on “December 19th”, as they assured so many times since December 20th.

On December 21st, my second and third trading days` profits summed up 4.000 euros. When I tried to withdraw those profits too, they stopped me: “Sir, this second withdraw can´t be approved because your Manager is out of office due to Christmas Holidays”. I was astonished: Christmas? We were on a normal Wednesday, working day. They repeated: “Your Manager is out of office because of Christmas”. I asked then for any another Manager to “approve me” to take my own money: “Sir, everybody left the office already because of Christmas Day”. Again, I answered back: “But today is Wednesday, a normal working day. Christmas will be on the weekend!”. “Sir, you msut wait until next week”.

So, I waited. Of course, my EA was active every day and its usual daily earnings were accumulating on my account. I didn´t like at all that feeling…

So, I waited patiently and, after Christmas Day, they told me; “Sir, your withdraw request can´t be approved because your Manager is out of office until New Year”. Again my astonishment and the same conversation that one week earlier. Then I asked them why my Dashboard Account didn´t let me to request at leat the following withdrawals, as I had so many accumulated profits available; “Sir, you are not allowed to request any new withdrawal until your Manager approves the pending one”.

Then I knew that I was in a trap. Many days had passed by, and their promised 1.200 euros wire transfer didn´t reached my account. It was evident that they were just trying to give me time to “lose” my monies. And I had advised them many times, before opening the Real account, that my EA never has losses (“Hi… My EA has daily large and stable profits . Will I have problems if a make withdrawals up to 5.000 euros per day?” “No sir, all withdrawals are processed on 24 hours. We just earn from the spreads”).

It was then when I realized that AAFX was a fake broker with a fake license; a fake broker stealing not only customers´ usual losses, but also the profits and deposit of the profitable ones. I was tremendously worried.

So, I had to wait until New Year. But… they were quicker. After waiting for 15 days for the new year, just several hours the day I was going to finally be able to take my own monies, they applied to me their usual scam scheme, as I read all around Internet: they planted on my account too both crazy trades (195 lots in total!!!) and, one hour later, fake spikes for 225 pips!!!

I immediately talk to their Live Chat and, surprise: “Sir, please send us your EA. We need it to help the investigation”. Of course I didn´t. But in exchange I sent them the evidences about those fake trades and spikes, including the MT4 log files (definitive evidence), and many other documents you will find attached to this Open File Case.

Today, almost one month later, they still didn´t answer to me (but, shame on them, they immediately post a reply the very same day I published here my story), they didn´t present to me any official answer about where my 40.000 euros. Even after my numerous emails and Live Chat´s sessions, I just got their usual lies and lies, promising explanatory emails and phone calls. AAFXTrading usual lies to steal our monies.

I traded with them more than 1.250 lots on just seven days. I opened 12.619 small positions (my EA doesn´t open positions bigger than 0,30). So, any honest broker´s dream. On year basis, 70.000 lots. Let´s understand this: we are talking about seven American billion dollars/units! (Or seven thousand millions of dollars/units, on European numbers). But they didn´t care about such a customer: because AAFXtrading do not process anything, just steals.

That´s it. I have tons of evidences and documents, which I sent already to many interested parties they wrote to my email Among others, you can find attached on this case the following ones:

1. My MT4 Full Detailed Report (yes, 7 MB´s heavy. MT4 produces it automatically on a html file).

2. A graphic compilation showing the fake candles they planted on my account, compared to many other brokers but, also, to another twin account I had with them (at another name) for anonymous double-check.

3. Screenshots from the MT4 terminal showing the trades it asked for, which were manipulated by AAFXtrading.

4. My final email (I sent them SIX), presenting them the final array of evidences, as well as asking them for their apologies and, of course, my monies back. Still waiting… : )

5. My MT4 Full Detailed Report on Forex4you, as another example of my EA´s perfect performing.

Thanks a lot for your attention and, the most important thing: NEVER, EVER, SENT A DIME TO AAFXTRADING “BROKER”. YOU WILL LOSS IT TOO. PASS THE WORD….

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Holderlin on 01/20/17

The company was first contacted about the issue on 01/02/17 the last contact was on 01/25/17

Details: Almost one month later, they still didn´t answer to me nor didn´t present to me any official answer about where my 40.000 euros are. Even after my numerous emails and Live Chat´s sessions, I just got their usual lies and lies, false promises of explanatory emails and phone calls.

Company representatives' emails: <>



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I see you already invited AAFxTrading to your Scam Alerts discussion. I'm sending the formal FPA invitation now.
I see you already invited AAFxTrading to your Scam Alerts discussion. I'm sending the formal FPA invitation now.

Thanks for doing it, but it´s pretty clear that they are too busy packing and fleeing Hong-Kong before the Forex Summit on 2 weeks, as for sure some "so happy" customers as myself will try to look for them on those days. On the Summit´s website it´s possible to download the whole list of attendees (more than 2.500, from all around the globe) and, of course, AAFXtrading, "offices" just some blocks away, won´t participate. In fact, they will be running like rabbits...

Thanks again and, please, excuse me for this acid jokes. It was a lot of money and, moreover, it was my capital. My EA is really great, made 12.000 euros on just 7 days with this people (daily, steady benefits), so i may make easily again that stolen money, but, as they stole my capital, they in fact have blocked me.

And thanks once more for you excellent work.
If you don't hear anything from them within another 24 hours, please post an update here. Then I'll move this over to Open Cases.
Hi... No, nothing from them... And, as you known, they didn´t give me any explanation, after I sent them six emails, so extensive, full with evidences... And, of course, after I asked them five more times on their Live Chat. More than one month ago, by Live Chat, they said I will give their answer in 48-72 hours. Still waiting. Around five days later they said "on next 12 hours you´ll get our answer". Still waiting too. And we´re talking about almost 40.000 euros, not 400 or 4.000. 40.000 euros... The only "explanation" I had from them was here, responding to my claim, something like: "these people who buy expensive EA get upset when they dont´work". And, let me tell you, I´m running it again on Forex4you and, of course, the results are always the same, around 90% profit per month, and since yesterday I slowed it down to an average of 60% per month. I gladly will send you the MT4 Full Detailed Report if you want to verify it.

By the way, Jonas Pfiffer, the super nice German guy who AAFX swindled him too (68.000 euros) asked me to use my EA, I asked him to verify perfomance a whole week on Demo, he did (24% profit on five days) and since Monday he opened a Real account (2.500 euros), I put the EA there, we split profits, and of Monday he had 130 (sent me my 65 euros), yesterday 77 euros (I slowed it down, as I said...), and so on.

So, AAFXtrading should change their name to AAFXscamming. And, no, no answer from them... Too busy, I guess, packing and fleeing Hong-Kong (if they really are there, which I doubt) before the Forex Summit on 2 weeks.

Sorry for this too long message. Thanks for your excellent work!!!!
Sir, AAfxtrading has honor my request for withdrawals. Now if that is a scam, who knows. They are one of main business partner I've used to collect past,present & future profits.
A legit company would make their reputation a priority.
There should be some sort of response here by now.
Are they in direct contact with the MODs here?