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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: This case is simply because I had hard evidence of pure manipulation and got lured into depositing with this broker by a well known manager at CFH. All I want is for my deposit back and they can keep the $4000 profit that I made. It is a fair deal as they know what they have done is wrong. They dropped the market in their favor around 1000 pips (see images vs other broker) no other broker had this movement but them and they keep blaming their "liquidity provider" which they will not mention either. I had emails from them saying they cannot help with a refund of my deposit but instead they wanted me to deposit $5000 more and then they would "Trade it and make me 25% a month". Viktor (Htotal manager) who CFH Manager (Alex) Refereed me too has completely ignored my latest replies and so has the company. I feel as if I am getting no where, and it is frustrating knowing that I have been doing this long enough to know this is 100% illegal. If you read the post there is login details of the MT5 which they still have given and you can see how obscured it is what they done. All my contact information is available and I would appreciate if someone could help me at least get my deposit back from these scammers. Also I have evidence that Stop losses and Take Profits where used on EVERY trade of mine but the one they manipulated as they have removed it.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Keelan Brettner on 02/19/17

The company was first contacted about the issue on 12/08/16 the last contact was on 03/02/17

Details: Company replies were stated above but more as follow:
Your trading strategy is very risky, however, the company understands your situation.
We decided to offer you to recover your deposit through an investment program. If you replenish a deposit on 5000 usd, our investment traders make you 20% - 25% per month.
If you want to trade on their own, as in the past, we will make you account without the commission and a will make minimal fixed spread EURUSD 0.1 pips.
In the hope of further cooperation.
С уважением,
Команда Hedge Total Corporation

Our liquidity provider reported that failures any were not.
Your risk strategy without the SL/TP installation was the cause of current situation.
Our company make advances of you and cancels negative balance on your account in the sum of 657.29 USD

С уважением,
Команда Hedge Total Corporation

We apologize.
We analyze this situation. Now we have made a request to our liquidity provider. We are waiting for a response from our liquidity provider. The solution to this situation, it may take still some time.
Hedge Total Corporation

Tel. +7 (800) 100 0171 (Free call from Russia)
E-mail: - Общие вопросы - Техническая поддержка - Отдел платежей

Hello, Keelan Brettner.

Your account is verified successfully.

Login MT5: 5740094
Password: 6mjgyksc
Security word: 74376
MetaTrader 5 link:

You can make a deposit the account and enjoy all the advantages of working with us.
In attach our bank account details for deposit the account.

For withdrawal of funds write your personal manager: . Use your registration e-mail.

Hedge Total Corporation

Tel. +7 (800) 100 0171 (Free call from Russia)
E-mail: - Общие вопросы - Техническая поддержка - Отдел платежей

Company representatives' emails: Support Hedge <>



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Yo AsstModerator! I see Keezilla already sent his invitation. When you have a moment, can you get the formal FPA inviation sent?
That was addressed to me. :)

I've just issued the formal invitation.


Please post an update here sometime on Friday. Let me know if you've heard anything from HTotal or not.
This HTOTALRU Hedge Total Corporation et al. is taking price manipulation to whole new level. Suddenly, for unknown reasons, a massive price spike of -1000 points wipes out more than 14k of profits.
And despite the unmentionable "liquidity provider's" ill manners - HTC offers a generous forgiveness of the negative balance of -$657.29 USD.

It may be a past due for psychiatric evaluation at the Хасавюрт mental institution for these Бандиты.