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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I invested 3000$ with three months contract with 5% return. For two months went fantastic third month they told me i won lottery 100% with condition not to withdraw another 3 months and 300 lots i refuse to take and submit withdrawal before 4 days of contract expiry and told them to stop trading on my account which they confirmed but not follow.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by najafstar on 03/13/17

The company was first contacted about the issue on 02/23/17 the last contact was on 03/07/17

Details: When the account manger was ignoring even i asked several time to close the trades and stop trading and take some time i call the support and told them to stop trading on my account They told me the are eligible to keep trading till last minute of the contract expiry . when i told them its end of month and our contract also going to expire they should concentrate to winding positions instead they are opening larger positions which this account is not capable of and if i close the positions they should not open it . He told me that if i touch the position it will be breach of agreement and i have to pay 30% on each deposit . I asked then what if the account is vanish because i am not touching and watching that the profit is lost and now its the investment which looks will soon vanish if the trades are not been closed, will they pay me or take responsibility of the amount i invested they told me what i a talking they are not responsible of account loss and its clearly mentioned on the website that its risk of losing 100% .I told him but my account was in profit and now when profit vanish so i am asking to stop trading and i am not interested in profit . He told me he will speak with account manager since he is expert . Later next day the legal department call me when the account was in 50% loss . And give me two options 1. take bonus and take control of account 2. close the trades and pay 30% on each deposit , 1000x3 - 30 % = which they means 90% what ever amount left after closing they will take 90 % and the account when close. where i will get less the 500$ on my 3000 $ investment . To save the account i told them the better option is to take bonus so add bonus but they will responsible of open trades . They add bonus but not care of open positions and after two days on monday i try to open trade but it show me the error that i cant open trade i contact them for two days they didn't answer and i consider as scam and send the emails to the license holder and ask him to tell the broker to contact me as soon as possible and they call me after 10 days during which i contacted my bank and file dispute against them . When they call after 10 days after long conversation they agree that its their misunderstanding of taking care of open positions so in compensation they will add 100% more bonus and more volume i told them its impossible to trade 650% volume on 3000$ account and there will be more rules too even when i complete volume. They said yes there are more rules to comply with bonus amount i told them they are responsible of the trades opened even after agreement so why they are punishing me . Till then it was 100% clear that they scam with me legally but not taking responsibility of their faults since they don't want me to get my investment, with several tricks in their box . They told me that i will not get my money even with dispute so better i take it back but since i recognise them i will not take my dispute back and will let other traders know about them to avoid their losses and new kind of tricks the broker are playing since most of the trades are innocent and just want to invest but they are preparing tricks to digest their money

Company representatives' emails: alexander.bauer <>
kathleen.conway <>
erik.franco <>
plamen <>



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yes and after that they block the whole account early they block only opening positions now i cant log into account. I am very Thankful of Securities and Futures Commission Hong Kong taking interest in my case they reply for my emails


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I've just sent the formal invitation to them. Please post an update on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning to let me know if they've gotten back in touch with you or not.
No they told me they are not bother about any thing and i wont get money and i am free to do what ever i want during our last telephone conversation , i will contact HSBC also since their logo there to see if they are also supporting fraud companies .
Did you submit a negative review to that website and they altered it, or could someone else have submitted the review?
i found this while searching about them in other forums


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