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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: On August 8, 2016, I registered, deposited 500$ just to get acquainted with the CT Options system, verified my account with docs & traded a little. Shortly after, I took a call of an "acct. manager" (Melani Rose) who supposedly help me set up & show how the system trading via teamviewer and she would put me on 2-days replicator pro and shall see results (5$ investments each trade, payout total 115,70$ wins have been made).
After the 2 days session has expired, I was ask to deposit 5000$, but I said NO, thanks! Then maybe 2,500$ and I said once again no, thanks as I was hesitant and was not convinced. Then the following strange manipulation happens on my account as per my statement (screenshot available)
1. 16/08/16 - 115,70 $ has been withrawn by CT Options (adjustments)
2. 16/08/16 - 416,30$ has been withdrawn by CT Options (adjustments)
3. 16/09/16 - 7,85$ has been deposited by CT Options (bonus)
4. 16/09/16 My account is set to ZERO
In just a little more than a week time, I could not access my money for trading whatsoever.


The next time I log in about a week after, my account has been set to ZERO!!!

I tried since months to get explanations ON WHY CT OPTIONS WITHDREW 416,30$ OF MY DEPOSITED MONEY and I have been told in different emails, following excuses by CT Options Support (Sara S & Lily A)
- that it's "protected profit"
- that it's the "bonus"
- and lastly it's "lost investments"

"Protected profit" (made by replicator pro) is 115,70 $
"Bonus" deposited is 7,85$
" Lost Investments" not applicable. Checking total trading history, profit of about 23$ totally has been generated.

After months, I have been assigned to another acct. manager (Rudi Hill) who only wants me investing more so "I could finally profit". He refuses to deal with my case though and not heard from him anymore.

Then even he, ignores my emails - no replies.
The CT Options support team, after not finding other baseless, unfounded excuses anymore - is just ignoring my emails for now.

Since then, I have been sending emails, reminding & requesting for answers and settlements week after week until lately

In my search for similar cases online. I found Forex Peace Army who would hopefully lead me how to go further.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Ekbacken on 04/21/17

The company was first contacted about the issue on 08/23/16 the last contact was on 03/12/17

Details: Groundless replies

Company representatives' emails: Melani Rose <>
Rudy Hill <>
Support <>



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Please go ahead and email the link to your Scam Alerts thread to all the addresses you have at CTOption. Make sure it's the link to the Scam Alerts thread and not this case thread. They can't see it yet. Ask them to come and join the discussion.

Please post an update here and in Scam Alerts once you've done that.
I have now emailed a link of the Scam Alert thread to the CT Options contacts listed above and invited them to the discussion.
Please post an update on Tuesday to let me know if the replied or not. If there's no reply or an inadequate reply, I'll send the formal FPA invitation.
Update: No reaction / reply received from CT Options on my invitation to join FPA discussions re my case
I've just sent the formal FPA invitation. Please post an update on Monday to let me know if they decided to finally start talking to you or not.
Upto this date CT Options don't seem to bother replying any of my emails - nobody contacted me re my case either.
I'm looking forward to voting on this one.

Yo AsstModerator! This one is ready for Open Cases as soon as you have a moment.
Unbelievable... How they withdraw money from your account? This people don´t have any limit...