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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: Sir,
One Mr. Rickinston Mark contacted me several times and some how convinced me through I was earlier also cheated by some other companies. He has first sent fraud documents related to his company registered with FCA. He has also assured me that his company will give guarantee for the initial deposit amount in case of loss. He has also assured me that the bonus provided by the company shall be available for withdrawal and trading in full and can be withdrawn after 45 Days. He has also assured me that the trading shall be done by a professional trader on my behalf at a commission and my deposit is thus safe. Over a period of few days he convinced me and made me to hold a Pro Gold Account by depositing $5250. The professional trader was Mr. Derric Bryan. I was not happy with his trading and several times requested him not to be too aggressive and also requested him to close certain deals which were making losses for several days like (15 Days). Latter the deals were crashed and I lost all my money. After the deals crashed they asked me to deposit a sum of $2700 in INR value into a bank in India for activation of my account after it got crashed and on receiving my money they did not activate my account. Further stopped communicating with me. I tried several times to contact the persons over phone and also through e mail but stopped responding me. When i contact their telephone numbers either they are switched off or being forwarded to some other number from whom I used to get a voice message request. When I send a voice message to get back to me I was not getting any reply. I am 74 years old person and it is very much impossible to sustain this loss. All my Credit cards are full of dues and have to be paid in time failing which I shall be charged heavily. I have several e mails of the persons who have cheated me. .

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by tradewfx on 09/21/17

The company was first contacted about the issue on 08/20/17 the last contact was on 08/29/17

Details: The company nor their following representatives does not reply to my mails and also my telephonic calls

They are not replies well

Company representatives' emails: Rickinstion Mark <>
Derric Bryan <>
John <>
Allan Peter <>



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I still have lot of correspondence through e mails with the company representatives which can be given at any time if required please. Kindly feel free to communicate with me.
Can you tell me the dates and amounts of the credit card deposits you made?
Sir, Of course Yes. I am attaching an Excel Sheet containing all the details of payments made and the mode of payment etc., Should you need authentication of the amounts through credit cards and bank transfers etc. with credit card statements I shall provide to you as and when demanded. However I am sending you the screen shots of Skril Account of mine and also Pay U money for your kind reference. I am in extreme trouble kindly do help me to the extent you can. More than this problem of mine if this kind of crooks are left behind with out action there is every likely hood that they shall further cheat people like me in future. I shall give you all possible information required from my side as i have all the correspondence. Thank you for your efforts. .


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It's too bad only 2 of the deposits look like credit card deposits. You can ask your bank about getting a chargeback on those.

Did you email TradeWFX the link to your Scam Alerts thread and invite them to join the discussion yet?
All Transactions are genuine and can substantiate with documentary proof should you need as they appear in my Credit card statements. However four transactions are bank transfers. Kindly help me in inviting them to this thread as i am not conversant either through email or by giving a call to my mobile number +91 9343724924. Please help me. Once you call me i shall be able to explain you every thing. Kindly help me with a call. Thanks
Send them an email. Sent it to every address you have for them. Include the link to your thread in Scam Alerts. Invite them to come and join the discussion.
As per your advise I have sent to all the emails of persons involved with the thread and inviting them to participate. I have given you also a copy of the same. May kindly if it is in order if not kindly advise as to what need to be done. Thank you